How should chemical composite hoses be maintained and what are the inspection items?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
How should chemical composite hoses be maintained and what are the inspection items?
   When people use chemical composite hoses in their lives, they often need to maintain and maintain the chemical hose equipment, so as to ensure a longer service life of chemical hoses, especially for some long-term use and use environments In a relatively harsh environment, if not well maintained and maintained, it will not only affect the operation of machinery and equipment, but also consume more time and cost, so how should chemical composite hoses be maintained? Let’s take a look. See it!
  1. The whole mining machinery inside and outside the chemical hose equipment needs to be cleaned, especially for all sliding surfaces, lead screws, racks, gear boxes, oil holes, etc., to ensure that there will be no oil stains during use In addition, there will be no oil or air leakage in each part, and the chips and debris around the equipment need to be cleaned up.
  2. Tools, accessories and other products need to be placed neatly when not in use, pipes and lines should be placed in an orderly manner, and oil should be added and changed on time. Damaged parts need to be overhauled and replaced to ensure The equipment is normal and stable during operation and meets the requirements of operation.
  3. The chemical composite hose should be cleaned in time after use, so that the chemical hose can be stored for a long time for the next use. The correct cleaning method needs to be determined according to the environment and conditions of use of the chemical hose.
  According to the environment and conditions of use of the chemical hose, usually we can use clean water or hot water. Adding some detergent can help to clean the chemical hose quickly and effectively. We can also clean chemical hoses with ordinary solvents or sea water at room temperature to ensure their cleanliness. But we need to pay attention, if we use sea water to clean the chemical hose, then after cleaning the chemical hose, the chemical hose must be drained to prevent the chemical hose from being corroded.

  What are the testing items of chemical composite hose
  1. Appearance: Visually inspect the entire hose to be clean and smooth. The pitch and diameter of the steel wire are evenly wound.
  2, the tightness of the structure: forcefully break the steel wire to see if it will loosen.
  3. Joint welding: visually inspect the weld line to be smooth, without porosity and slag inclusion.
  4. Joint method: Be sure to use professional accessories (inner solenoid, outer steel ring, sealing ring) through mechanical crimping to ensure the firmness and tightness of the joint. 80% of hoses start to have problems here!---very important
  5. Safety factor: burst pressure ≥ 4 times of working pressure.
  6. Test pressure: Before leaving the factory, it must be tested at 1.5 times the working pressure (test pressure) for 30 minutes, and only after passing the test.
  7. Hose extension rate: The extension rate after pressure measurement must be less than 10%. Otherwise, the steel wire is likely to shift in future use.
   8. Bending radius: meets the requirements of EN13765, ensuring that each hose has good flexibility and easy operation.
   9. Resistance value: The resistance value in the conductivity test must be less than 10 ohms. Ensure that the static current is derived in time during use, and the safety during use is guaranteed.
   10. Appearance material: must have abrasion resistance and aging resistance. To ensure the service life of the hose and the protection of the inner material!
   If improper operation during use will shorten the service life of the chemical composite hose, to ensure the service life of the composite hose, please read the instructions in detail, or consult the manufacturer of Hangzhou Haikuo composite hose.
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