How to calculate the price of non-peeling crimping joints? 'Multi-map'

by:Haikuo     2021-06-20

The material of the sealing ring is ordinary rubber, shaped like a rectangular washer

The material of the sealing ring is ordinary rubber, shaped like a rectangular washer. Share a sealing ring, no matter if the air is closed or deflated. The two sides of the sealing ring are under pressure respectively, and the rubber ring is seriously deformed and easily damaged; when the air is closed, under the combined action of spring force and high-pressure gas, the rubber soft joint and the bowl-shaped sealing ring are in linear contact. The sealing pressure is increased and it is not easy to leak. At the same time, the bowl-shaped sealing net is backed by a seat with a positioning flange, which is not easy to shift and has little deformation. When ventilating, the male connector opens the spool. The function of the quick connector is not only to connect the air source conveniently and quickly, but also to be safe and reliable.

After the pipe is sawn, it should be smoothed on a grinding wheel and other tools, and the burrs should be removed, cleaned and blown with high-pressure air before use.

③When pre-installing, try to maintain the coaxiality of the pipe and the joint body. If the pipe deflection is too large, it will cause the seal to fail.

④ The preloading force should not be too large so that the inner blade of the ferrule just fits into the outer wall of the tube, and the ferrule should not be significantly deformed. When the pipeline is connected, it is assembled according to the specified tightening force. The tightening force of ф6-1 ferrule is 64-115n, 16фmmr 259n, and ф18mm is 450n. If the ferrule is severely deformed during pre-installation, the sealing effect will be lost.

How to calculate the price of non-peeling withholding joints? 'Multi-picture' [Liyuan wjnchlm]

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