How to choose PU steel wire pipe according to the working conditions

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
How to choose PU steel wire pipe according to the working conditions
 The performance and selection of PU steel wire hose are determined according to the actual ambient temperature of the hose used, the medium conveyed by the hose and the pressure of the conveyed medium.
  1. The performance of PU steel wire hose should meet the general conditions and special requirements of the use environment. If you need to know the internal environment temperature and the external environment temperature, etc.
  2. It is necessary to clarify what is the medium conveyed by the PU steel wire hose? For example, passing air, conveying plastic particles, conveying glass fiber iron filings and other highly abrasive materials. If it is air-ventilated, the abrasiveness is not high, and ventilation pressure and temperature need to be considered. If it is to transport plastic particles, glass fiber, iron filings, etc., it is necessary to consider that the medium has higher requirements for the wear resistance of the hose. Thicker hose.
  3. It is necessary to confirm the pressure of the PU steel wire hose, and select the corresponding hose according to the actual application pressure. If the actual pressure is relatively small, but a hose with a relatively large pressure resistance is selected, the bending radius of the hose may be relatively large, the hose will be relatively hard, and the corresponding cost is also a waste. If the actual pressure is relatively large, and Choose a hose with a relatively small pressure resistance, then the hose may be deflated after installation.

  4. The conventional material of PU steel wire vacuum hose steel wire is copper-plated steel wire, galvanized steel wire and stainless steel, which supports greater pressure and greatly improves the appearance of the hose. Hangzhou Haikuo can be based on According to customer requirements, the steel wire made of different materials can be customized, which can make the PU steel wire suction tube bear more pressure.
  5. Generally, the diameter of the steel wire is selected according to the inner diameter of the PU steel wire hose. The smaller the diameter of the PU steel wire expansion tube, the thinner the steel wire used. The steel wire is getting thicker and thicker, so the pressure it bears is greater, and the diameter of the steel wire and the thickness of the pipe wall can be increased according to the needs of customers. Common wall thicknesses: 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm (the thinnest part, without steel wire) to meet the pressure of the hose.
  PU steel wire hose has relatively good properties, which can meet the needs of various ventilation and dust collection, conveying abrasive solid particles, and is free of halogen and chromium and other toxic substances. It is hoped that users will choose the most suitable hose in combination with their own working conditions when choosing. In short, the prerequisite for choosing a good PU steel wire hose is the understanding of the working conditions, so that the products with good quality and high cost performance can be selected.
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