How to choose the wall thickness of PU steel wire hose according to demand?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
PU steel wire hose, steel wire reinforced PU hose, copper-plated steel wire hose. It is a kind of PU steel wire telescopic tube with copper-plated steel wire inside and PU transparent material. Mainly used in abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fiber, chips and particles, gas and liquid environments, for dust removal and suction workshops, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper and textile fibers.
   steel wire reinforced PU hose adopts polyether polyurethane hose with copper-plated plastic coated steel wire spiral reinforcement. The inner wall is smooth to ensure that the material flows smoothly in the tube. Resistant to mold and hydrolysis. Has excellent ozone and weather resistance. Comply with the requirements of the RoHS environmental protection directive. Spiral steel wire grounding can discharge static electricity, in line with TRB S 2153 regulations. The flame retardant degree of plasticizer-free hose meets UL 94 HB standard.
  Temperature range: about -40℃ to +125℃, and it can be about +150℃ in a short time.

  Wall thickness: 0.4MM, 0.6MM, 0.9MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.5MM, 2.0MM (the thinnest part, excluding steel wire). According to different needs, choose the corresponding wall thickness PU steel wire pipe.
  How to choose the wall thickness of PU steel wire hose from the demand?
   1. 0.4mm is commonly used in some positions that require large expansion and frequent swings. This is compressible. The conventional length is 10 meters, and it is about 2.5 meters after compression.
  2, such as woodworking machinery, grinders, etc. usually choose the pipe wall 0.6mm suction pipe.
  3. For printing machinery, PCB drilling machines, etc., pipes with two thicknesses of 0.9 or 1.5mm are used.
  4. Some special imported machinery will only choose 2.0mm. There is no domestic manufacturer to produce this thickness. Because the market demand is low, imported PU steel wire hoses are occasionally used.
  Hangzhou Haikuo Hose specializes in the production of PVC steel wire telescopic hose, EVA vacuum tube, vacuum cleaner tube, high temperature ventilation tube, PVC plastic rib tube, PVC steel wire reinforcement tube, PU copper-plated steel wire hose and other plastic hoses. The company introduces advanced German production equipment and technology to provide customers with a safe and efficient guarantee in the process of use. It has passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality and environmental protection system certification, and the products have passed the EU ROSH certification, which meets the requirements of national standards and European and American standards.
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