How to clean the vacuum hose for household vacuum cleaners and precautions when buying a vacuum hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
Vacuum cleaners play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, and are almost irreplaceable in our lives. In addition, vacuum cleaner hoses are also playing an increasingly important role in the industry. As an important part of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner hose is also particularly important. Today we will briefly understand some knowledge about this equipment.
   Whether it is a household vacuum cleaner or an industrial vacuum cleaner, the dust and waste it absorbs must pass through the vacuum hose to be transported to the trash can. Therefore, the performance of the vacuum hose is related to the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners usually absorb some dust, powder, debris, particles, etc. Under high pressure and high speed operation, their wear force is actually very large. Therefore, when choosing a vacuum hose, you must pay attention to choosing strong wear resistance. of. In addition, in order to make the use of the vacuum cleaner more convenient and flexible, therefore, it is necessary to choose a relatively soft vacuum hose. In addition to the above two points, when choosing a vacuum hose, you should also pay attention to the toughness and smoothness of the vacuum hose. If the toughness is relatively high, the service life will be relatively long, and the smoothness can be effective and fast. Of transport waste.
  The vacuum cleaner is mainly used to absorb dust, so the suction hose is easy to get dirty. If it takes a long time, it will affect the transportation of waste. In severe cases, the problem of blocking the suction hose will occur. Clean the vacuum hose to ensure the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. So let's take a look at how to clean the vacuum hose.

  The appearance of the vacuum cleaner can be wiped with a rag, but the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner hose is more troublesome, but the most direct and effective method is to directly rinse with a tap, using the impulse of the water in the tap to wash away the dust, in order to rinse Clean can also add some detergent for cleaning. The cleaned hose must be wiped dry and air dried. If it is not dry, it will be installed on the vacuum cleaner, which will affect the vacuum cleaner. So be sure to dry before use.
  The vacuum hose is an important part of the vacuum cleaner, so for the use of the vacuum cleaner, during the maintenance process, you must not ignore the vacuum hose, and the vacuum hose should not be excessively bent, although the vacuum hose is flexible The degree is relatively high, but it is not a rubber band, so do not bend or stretch the hose excessively. When you find that the vacuum hose is dirty after use, you must pay attention to cleaning the vacuum hose. When you find a problem with the hose, you must replace the hose in time.
   The above is the Hangzhou Haikuo editor briefly introduced how to choose a vacuum cleaner hose, to choose a high-quality, tough vacuum hose, and then we introduced how to clean the vacuum cleaner hose, the simplest and most direct The method is to rinse with a faucet. I hope this article can help you. Our company specializes in the production of various vacuum hoses such as: PU steel wire vacuum hose, PU steel wire tube, PU vacuum hose, PVC vacuum hose, EVA vacuum hose and other industrial vacuum hoses. Free samples are available for trial! Welcome to call to obtain.
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