How to connect stainless steel hose and welded steel pipe to ground?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
The welded steel pipe is installed on the ceiling of the ceiling lamp in the interior of the floor. It is necessary to make a junction box at the lamp position and connect it to the lamp with a metal hose. How to consider the grounding wire?

The welded steel pipe is led from the box body with a round steel ≥ 6 in diameter to connect the ground, and the stainless steel hose to the lamp and the junction box or nozzle should also be connected to the ground wire. How to construct and how to set the quota?
There should be a screw on the junction box, specifically for crimping the ground wire!
The two ends of the steel pipe and the stainless steel hose are fixed by a dedicated grounding clamp, and the China Construction is connected with a grounding wire;
The grounding method between the hose and the light box is the same on the hose side. The grounding wire is also fixed with a clamp, and the other end of the grounding wire can be crimped on the box side with a screw.
Apply to the sub-items: If you want to apply the sub-items, then apply the ground wire to jumper the sub-items.
If you don’t want to apply, then the electrical pipe laying sub-heading already contains these work contents, and there is no need to apply them separately.
Don't think about it, it's already included in the quota subheading. Only when the lamp is less than 2.4 meters, the grounding wire is also considered.
The welded steel pipe connection method itself is welded together with pipe hoops to form a conductor. As long as the pipe and the box are connected with braided wire or wire, if there is no special requirement. No set quota
The stainless steel hose of the lamp and the junction box or nozzle should also be connected to the ground wire.
That is not a grounding wire jumper, it is a grounding wire. Same as above
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