How to contact your after-sale service division?
So as to provide the best quality after-sales service, Hangzhou Haikuo Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has an after-sales service department to provide consulting services on all hydraulic hose cover related problems. To take complete advantage of consumer comments, we convey the information obtained from the after-sales service branch and reflect it from the future solutions we supply. By integrating the opinions of our customers, we work to offer the maximum gratification.

Haikuo Hose is one of the market leaders in China with our fine range of competitively priced, custom-made products such as hose and fittings. Haikuo Hose has created a number of successful series, and high pressure washer hose is one of them. The product is notable for its strong wear resistance. Its structure, built with heavy-metals, mainly alloy and steel, can withstand daily industrial heavy use. This product will not easily break and cause leakage problems. Taking industrial vacuum hose as our priority is a very important part for our growth. The replacement of this product is relatively easy.

Washing machine water hose is crucial to Haikuo Hose for long-term development. Contact!
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