How to distinguish industrial mobile air conditioner hoses from household mobile air conditioner exhaust pipes

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
How to distinguish the exhaust pipe of industrial mobile air conditioner from the exhaust pipe of household mobile air conditioner
  Mobile air conditioners generally need to exhaust the heat-exchanged air through an exhaust device (exhaust hot air during cooling and exhaust cold air during heating). This exhaust process requires the use of mobile air conditioner exhaust ducts. Mobile air conditioners are divided into industrial and household mobile air conditioners. The exhaust ducts of the two different products are different. Then, industrial mobile air conditioners and household mobile air conditioners are different. Which type of air duct is it? Hangzhou Haikuo will introduce you the selection of mobile air conditioner exhaust ducts and the introduction of product parameters.
   1. Industrial mobile air conditioner exhaust pipe LKE00761
  Industrial mobile air conditioners are also called industrial refrigerators or industrial air coolers. They are moved at will, with excellent refrigeration and less drainage, and are widely used in metallurgy, power generation, machinery, communications, printing, injection molding, and other industries. Machines, printing presses, terminal relay equipment, machine tool power distribution boxes and other equipment to cool down, improve equipment efficiency and improve the operating environment of personnel. It is also suitable for hospitals, restaurants, golf courses, photography fields, food factories, and playgrounds to improve personnel. Work etc. So what kind of duct should be equipped with industrial mobile air conditioner? The vent pipe of industrial mobile air conditioner is equipped with a strong shaped vent pipe LKE00761 made of PVC material, which is often referred to as a buckle pipe.

Introduction of    industrial mobile air-conditioning exhaust duct:
  Material: rigid PVC material
   Structure: The same piece of rigid PVC is wound and interlocked, and the diameter can be adjusted
  Performance: good corrosion resistance, bendable, strong shaping, adjustable size
  Temperature range: about -20℃-80℃
   2. Household mobile air conditioner exhaust pipe LKE00760
  Home mobile air conditioner is a kind of relatively small and mobile refrigeration equipment suitable for home use, renting, etc. It is matched with Hangzhou Haikuo LKE00760 PP universal telescopic duct, which is a kind of free expansion and contraction. The finalized ventilation hose can also be used for industrial mobile air conditioners, but relatively speaking, household mobile air conditioners are used more, and can also be used for industrial and household air conditioners to extract, exhaust, and supply air, solder smoke in electronics factories, and factory air supply. Directional exhaust at the end, exhaust air eye, exhaust air in bathroom, etc. It is used for pumping and supplying ducts that need to be bent arbitrarily to shorten the length of the pipe. It is resistant to acid and alkali gas, UV resistance, and can be arbitrarily stretched and fixed in various directions.

Introduction of    household mobile air conditioner exhaust duct:
  Structural description: Coated with PP-containing special semi-hard composite material on the spiral steel wire, wound and pasted to make it can be stretched and bent arbitrarily, linear positioning, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, oil and gas, solvent, light hydrofluoric acid, UV, O3... Lightweight and exquisite flexible folding air duct.
  Specifications and characteristics: Tube inner diameter: 38㎜'~300'㎜ø(1 1/2'~12')
  Applicable temperature: -20°C~80°C (continuous use temperature: 60°C)
   Each standard length is 5M,
   After compression: 1.5M
   Steel wire spacing: 20㎜
   Standard color: beige, other colors can be customized
   duct material thickness: 0.5MM-0.9MM
  Chemical resistance: resistance to oil and gas, resistance to acid and alkali, solvent, light hydrofluoric acid, UV, O3...
   Tensile strength: 40~60㎏
  Number of times of folding resistance:
   more than 100,000 times. The length can be adjusted arbitrarily on the same straight line, easy to collect (not distorted, not taking up space)
   The above are the performance characteristics and parameters of the two mobile air conditioning exhaust ducts introduced by Hangzhou Haikuo. I believe everyone can clearly distinguish the difference and parameters of the two air conditioning exhaust ducts. If you have any For questions and comments, please inquire the sales engineer of Hangzhou Haikuo.
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