How to distinguish the quality of the red high temperature resistant air duct and how to install the high temperature air duct?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-10
The high temperature vulcanized red high temperature resistant silicone air duct is a ventilation hose that can withstand high heat, high temperature, flame retardancy and fire prevention. It is made of glass fiber cloth coated with red or black silica gel, which can withstand a temperature of 350 degrees. Suitable for hot or cold air guide pipes, high temperature exhaust emissions, motor vehicle exhaust emissions, high temperature welding gas emissions, particle dryers in the plastics industry, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors; engine structure, engine heating, aviation equipment and military equipment .
  How to distinguish the quality of red high temperature resistant air duct
   1. Different from the appearance, the ordinary red silicone high temperature air duct is room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is glued to the glass fiber cloth by hand. Because it is manual, it is inevitable that there will be uneven places and room temperature. There are many vulcanized silica gel particles, resulting in uneven surface particles after the production of the air duct, which seriously affects the appearance. High temperature vulcanization can completely avoid this problem, because the silicone rubber vulcanized at 400 degrees high temperature has no particles, the surface is very flat, and the entire tube surface is free of any defects.
  2. The difference in material is that ordinary silicone high temperature air ducts are made of industrial-grade domestic silicone rubber raw materials. This material is low-toxic and can only be used in industry, and if the temperature is too high, it will produce toxic gas. ; The high-temperature vulcanized silicone air duct is made of environmentally friendly silicone rubber, which has passed environmental protection testing and certification, which is safer and is suitable for mechanical equipment or ventilation scenes with relatively high environmental protection requirements.

  3. It is distinguished from the bending state. When the ordinary silicone high temperature air duct is bent, it is easy to dent the tube body, and it will cause a lot of resistance during ventilation or exhaust. The high temperature vulcanized silicone will not be flat when bent. The bending radius is approximately equal to its diameter.
How to install    red high temperature resistant air duct?
  Many customers don’t know how to install the high temperature resistant air duct after buying it, and don’t know how to choose the size. In fact, this is very simple. The outer diameter of the equipment or ventilation system interface is the inner diameter of the air duct to be purchased. The ducts are all based on the inner diameter. For example, if the outer diameter of the interface is 250mm, then you can buy a heat-resistant duct with an inner diameter of 250mm. Speaking of this, many customers may have questions. Can the same size fit in? Like Our factory produces high-temperature air ducts. All dimensions are converted in inches. For example, 10 inches is actually 254mm. That is to say, the actual size of our conventionally produced duct with an inner diameter of 250mm is 254mm, so the outer diameter of the duct is 250. It is just right, and then can be locked with a stainless steel hose clamp.
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