How to fix the vacuum tube during use and installation?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17
Hangzhou Haikuo specializes in the production and sales of PU spring telescopic hoses, vacuum cleaner hoses, telescopic hoses, and spring suction hoses. Our company has advanced testing instruments and testing methods, as well as a complete quality and technical management system, and the entire inspection process is comprehensive perfect. Various models and specifications Φ320-Φ50mm, any choice, can also be customized according to different requirements of customers. The company's products meet the international environmental protection requirements and have passed the relevant SGS environmental protection certification. We can produce hoses of different colors according to the different requirements of customers, and customers only need to provide P/N or a sample. We can also design and assemble hose joints according to customer requirements, so that the hose and the customer's vacuum cleaner can be well matched.
  Structural characteristics of the spring vacuum tube: the tube wall material, pu, pvc coated elastic steel wire is welded to the tube wall. The bending is highly flexible, and the stretching can reach 2 to 4 times the original length, and the original length will be restored automatically after loosening. It has good flexibility and flexibility, which can effectively save the length of the hose. Double steel wires can be used for low-voltage conduction, suitable for equipment requiring terminal control.
   Vacuum cleaner hose application range: household vacuum cleaners, central) vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, industrial exhaust equipment, woodworking vacuum hoses, woodworking equipment vacuum hoses, dust and smoke discharge, dryers, medical equipment, drying Wait.
  Temperature range of telescopic hose: pu-40℃-+90℃, up to 110℃ in a short time, Pvc-10℃ to +70℃
  Special specifications and colors can be customized (standard, black/white), specifications: outer diameter φ32-50, spring bellows, various specifications can be customized!
   In the process of using the PU telescopic vacuum tube, one of the problems that must exist is to fix it. Since the entire body of the PU vacuum tube is spiral, there are many differences in the fixing process from conventional hoses. Therefore, we will make the following analysis for the fixing problem of the PU telescopic vacuum cleaner.
   Common problem 1: Fixed connection of PU flexible hose installation place
   This involves a kind of fasteners at the junction of soft and hard pipes, that is, hose clamps. When the hose clamp is used for the connection of soft and hard pipes, there will be dead corners, causing liquid and gas leakage. The hose clamp adopts an open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened with bolts. The hose clamp effectively solves the problem of dead angles and liquid and gas leakage when connecting small-diameter soft and hard pipes, and has a simple structure and is quite easy to use.
   FAQ 2: How to connect the same kind of PU hose
   Due to some limitations in the production process of PU hoses, especially some large-caliber hoses, generally there is a length limit during the production process, so some of them must exceed this limit during use, then How to deal with this kind of situation? For this kind of situation, it is usually fixed with a hard hose and a hose clamp. When there are high temperature and corrosion resistance conditions, ordinary hard plastic pipes can not be adequately treated with stainless steel pipes. .
   There will be other problems during use, please contact us when you use it. , Our engineers will answer you.
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