How to install and connect pharmaceutical grade hoses and biopharmaceutical hoses on some non-standard caliber pharmaceutical equipment

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
Pharmaceutical grade hose, sanitary silicone hose is a kind of conveying hose often used in biopharmaceutical production. It is mainly made of silicone material. According to specific requirements, steel wires or braided wires can be inserted in the middle of the pipe wall for support. And anti-stress effect. Due to its excellent temperature and chemical resistance, silicone tubes are often used in industry, life, food processing, and biopharmaceutical and medical equipment industries to transport high-purity liquids, gases and solid media.
   With the continuous development of the international and domestic biopharmaceutical market, more and more pharmaceutical companies will continue to emerge. Most domestic pharmaceutical companies require GMP quality certification by the Food and Drug Administration before production. The required pharmaceutical production, transportation, storage and other equipment must meet the relevant national food hygiene standards. If there is no relevant production license, it is also A product quality monitoring report provided by a third-party testing agency is required.
   Generally speaking, the production equipment used by pharmaceutical companies adopts the national standard, and the joints are connected by quick-release joints or SMS screw unions. Therefore, when purchasing pharmaceutical-grade hoses, the assembly hoses are directly purchased. Both ends of the hose are equipped with sanitary quick-fit joints or threaded unions, which are connected with clamps to facilitate the installation and disassembly of the hose. For cleaning and replacing pipes.

   However, the joints of the pharmaceutical processing equipment of some pharmaceutical companies are directly connected with stainless steel pipes, and the outer diameter of the steel pipes is a non-standard caliber. This puts a certain degree of difficulty in the selection of biopharmaceutical hoses, and there are usually two solutions at this time.
   First, directly use non-standard diameter pharmaceutical hoses, which can be customized according to the outer diameter of the steel pipe. The hose can be directly sleeved on the outside of the steel pipe and fixed with hose clamps or steel wires. The advantage is that the mold can be opened once and can be used permanently; the disadvantage is that the tightness of the hose is not good, it is easy to leak air and water, and it is inconvenient to install and replace the hose.
  Second, a quick-release chuck is welded to the port of the steel pipe. Generally speaking, the diameter of the chuck adopts the national standard. In this way, there is ample room for selection when selecting a hose, as long as the quick-fit joint chuck at both ends of the hose is consistent with the steel pipe chuck. The disadvantage is that the steel pipe needs to be processed twice; the advantage is that the hose adopts the conventional caliber, the supply is timely, and the clamp connection is used to facilitate the installation, removal, cleaning and replacement of the hose.
  Hangzhou Haikuo sanitary hose, biopharmaceutical hose, and pharmaceutical grade hose are made of silicone material that meets FDA and USP requirements; changes in silicone material, color and strengthening layer can be ordered; if the external cleanliness No requirement, you can also order outsourcing nylon thread, polyester thread and spiral glass fiber for higher pressure (different application requirements we can provide different forms of platinum vulcanized silicone tube used in different biopharmaceutical systems, such as vacuum resistance, Resistant to negative pressure, filling, liquid preparation, purification, harvesting, weighing, etc.).
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