How to prevent static electricity fire accidents when industrial dust is transported by pipeline

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
How to prevent static electricity fire accidents when industrial dust is transported by pipeline
  In industrial production, dust is an indispensable process in the process of conveying dust in pipelines by airflow. Fire or explosion of dust in pipeline transportation also occasionally occurs, and the generation and discharge of static electricity also cause fires. The cause of accidents cannot be ignored, especially static fires caused by static spark discharge often occur in production. Different substances in different states have different processes for the formation of static electricity, and the generation of static electricity in dust is also different under different conditions. Dust is fine particles dispersed by solid matter. During the production process, for example, during the process of grinding, stirring, screening, filtering, and pneumatic conveying in the feed pipe, static electricity is often generated. The use of airflow to transport dust substances in pipes has been widely used in industry. Dust particles are generally relatively small, and many dust particles are invisible to the naked eye. Generally, the diameter of dust particles that can be seen by the naked eye is more than 10 microns, which is called visible dust. The dust that can only be seen through a microscope is called microscopic dust particles, and its diameter is between 0.1-10 microns. When the dust is transported in the pipeline, the dust particles and the pipe wall have violent and frequent friction and collision, which can generate strong static electricity under appropriate conditions.
   Generally, the dust that is prone to explosion accidents is roughly aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferrosilicon powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum processing grinding powder, various plastic powders, organic synthetic drug intermediates, wheat flour, sugar , Wood chips, dyes, bakelite ash, milk powder, tea powder, tobacco powder, coal dust, plant fiber dust, etc.
   The dust of these materials is prone to explosive combustion because there are strong reducing agents H, C, N, S and other elements. When they coexist with peroxides and explosive dust, they decompose. The oxidation reaction produces a large amount of gas, or although the amount of gas is small, it releases a large amount of heat of combustion.

  Hangzhou Haikuo Hose is a professional supplier of anti-static and flame-retardant hoses used by food manufacturers, starch factories, polishing workshops, and aluminum powder and magnesium powder production workshops, which can effectively prevent static electricity generated by dust under high-speed operation. Hangzhou Haikuo provides one-stop solutions for various anti-static hoses. There are several anti-static methods for anti-static hoses. The technical solutions include the following four:
   First, wear-resistant static conductive hose with antistatic flame retardant and antistatic material to achieve antistatic and flame retardant effects. This hose is called flame retardant antistatic hose.
  Second, the metal wire or wire mesh is clamped on the wall of a single plastic hose.
   Third, there are metal conductors or polymetallic conductive wires or metal wire mesh on the wall of the plastic hose, which is reinforced by spiral steel wires.
   Fourth, the inner wall of the plastic hose has metal wires or multiple metal conductive wires or multiple metal conductive wires or wire meshes parallel to each other. When the conductive body on the pipe wall is connected to the ground wire, the static electricity generated by the fluid can be Immediately eliminate, especially when the hose diverts flammable material fluid, it can effectively eliminate the explosion accident of flammable products.
   There are many prices for anti-static hoses. With the increasing demand of many users, there are more and more specifications and models of materials. Each specification and model has a different price, so when choosing, Users must choose according to their actual needs, only in this way can they choose a suitable anti-static hose.
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