How to solve the problem of electrostatic discharge during the vacuuming process of woodworking machinery

by:Haikuo     2021-06-13
How to solve the problem of electrostatic discharge during the vacuuming process of woodworking machinery
   There are many processes in the furniture product enterprise workshop that will produce a certain amount of wood dust. The dust floats in the workshop, which seriously affects the working environment. The wood dust is suspended in the air, and there is a threat of dust explosion. Working in a good-environment workshop requires the treatment of wood dust. Now wood dust suction equipment can be used to process and recycle wood dust. However, wood factories or furniture factories face a problem when using woodworking machinery vacuum tubes, that is, how to discharge the static electricity generated during the vacuuming process. If the static electricity cannot be discharged, it will not only damage the equipment, but also damage the production. Safety will also bring great hidden dangers. So, how can we discharge static electricity? After using the vacuum tube used for dust collection for a period of time, it will be found that the front end of the hose is full of static electricity. The main reason for this problem is the vacuum tube purchased. It is not an anti-static hose, only a vacuum tube that can conduct static electricity can better solve the problem that static electricity cannot be discharged.

  The working principle of the vacuum pipe of woodworking machinery to discharge static electricity is divided into two categories:
   1. Wire grounding row static electricity, there are two most commonly used woodworking vacuum pipes for steel wire grounding row static electricity, which meet the TRB S 2153 standard for discharge static electricity.
   Transparent steel wire telescopic tube LKE00501 This PU steel wire suction tube with a thickness of about 0.4mm is very flexible. The conventional packaging method is 10 meters compressed into a package of about 2 meters. Because of the strong flexibility, it is compressed into a strip. Packed, the product is very light and soft, and it is very convenient to use it on woodworking machinery to freely stretch back and forth, and this is a polyester polyurethane (ESTER PU) hose with very strong wear resistance, with a spiral copper-plated steel wire reinforcement . The inner wall is smooth, which makes the material flow more smoothly. Compressible (stretch ratio is 1:5), light and soft. Especially suitable for working environment of dynamic dust collection.
   2. The material itself discharges static electricity. Relatively speaking, in the woodworking industry, the use of this kind of material itself can discharge static electricity is quite small, the reason is that the material itself anti-static material is several times more expensive than ordinary materials, so the cost of the hose is much higher. , And the woodworking industry generally does not use such an expensive vacuum tube. The surface resistance of the anti-static vacuum tube LKE00511 is less than 104Ω/M. It is suitable for production environments that require continuous static discharge and is used in production situations that require continuous discharge of static electricity ( (Production environment where explosions may occur due to static electricity during the use of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical equipment). Suction, discharge and transmission of gas, smoke and abrasive materials.
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