Imported food-grade rubber hose, Italian THOR (Tor) rubber soft

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
Imported food-grade rubber hoses and food-grade EPDM rubber hoses can withstand greater working pressure, and the inner surface of the pipe is smooth, which can avoid bacterial growth, reduce fluid adsorption, and is easy to clean; the dissolution is extremely low and will not pollute the fluid. It is in full compliance with the sixth level of the twenty-third edition of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP); it also meets the 3-A sanitary standards. It is suitable for the transportation of liquid food such as wine, beer, drinking water, food filling machine, alcoholic beverage, fruit juice and so on.
   Product category: Italy THOR (Tor) rubber hose
  Product Description
   Product name: CANTINA/EX 18R hose imported from Italy, food rubber hose, milk conveying hose, EPDM rubber hose, food grade hose
   Brand and Country of Origin: THOR Italy

  Application range: Imported food rubber hose is suitable for the transportation of liquid food such as wine, beer, drinking water, alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, etc. It is a high-quality food-grade rubber hose. In addition, the hose material is EPDM, which makes This rubber hose can transport grease-containing animal and vegetable foods, in line with European standards and US FDA standards.
   Assembly description:
   Hose structure: Hose inner layer: food grade white EPDM, smooth mirror surface, odorless and tasteless. Strengthening layer: braided layer strengthening
   Outer layer: red EPDM, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and bad weather
  Color: Blue
  Temperature range: -30°C ---+90°C
  Size inner diameter: 13MM-76MM
  Features: Food grade EPDM rubber hose, reinforced with high-strength fiber mesh. Very soft, light weight, easy to care for, and very resistant to wind, rain and aging. It is suitable for processing a wide range of fluid foods, such as wine, juice, beer, soft drinks and some mineralized drinking water; in addition, this rubber hose can be steam sterilized at a high temperature of 130°C for 30 minutes.
  Production standards: in line with US FDA standards and German BGA/BgVV standards
   Food sanitary EPDM rubber hose has low volatility and is used in pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food applications. The polyester or polyamide braided wire inside the hose increases the pressure resistance. Used in the food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, instrument, and biopharmaceutical industries.
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