Industrial dust suction hose supporting hose for particle dust suction in modern industrial production field

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
Industrial dust suction hose supporting hose for particle dust suction in modern industrial production field
   Modern industrial production efficiency is constantly improving, and the input ratio of advanced production equipment is also increasing. Correspondingly, we can't avoid dust debris and particle dust brought by industrial production. These are natural products of industrial production. Although we cannot prevent their emissions, advanced dust adsorption facilities are common in modern industrial production, and the adsorption performance of industrial vacuum hoses is even more worthwhile. sure. Let's take a look at the special functions of industrial vacuum hoses and the important impact of their products on modern industrial production. I hope that through the introduction of Hangzhou Haikuo professionals, readers and friends can better understand the advanced product of industrial vacuum hose and the changes it brings to the development of the industry.
  Industrial vacuum hoses are mainly suitable for modern industrial production, especially those workshops with high pollution and high production requirements. In some production workshops with a high degree of pollution, a large amount of dust is unavoidable, but a large amount of dust debris and inhalable particulate matter will bring great safety and health risks to workshop production workers. Therefore, company leaders and workshop managers should be people-oriented, starting from the health requirements of employees, do their utmost to improve the production environment of the production workshop, and choose some air purification equipment suitable for industrial production, such as suction Industrial vacuum hose with higher dust efficiency.

  Hangzhou Haikuo Industrial Vacuum Hose can effectively absorb the dust and substances brought by industrial production. Although the use function of industrial vacuum hose is limited, but in terms of the current industrial development situation, the production efficiency of the product The level and the quality of the production environment interact and complement each other, especially in light industries such as medicine, food, and textiles. In addition, the use of industrial vacuum hoses can also bring health protection to the workers in the production workshop, so the popularity of this product in the field of modern industrial production is increasing. In order to ensure the high efficiency of industrial vacuum hoses in the field of industrial production, designers should fully consider the heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, durability, high temperature resistance and other properties of the product when designing products. Only in this way can we ensure the efficient dust collection capability of the industrial vacuum hose in the field of modern industrial production. PU steel wire hose is the first choice for industrial vacuum hoses to meet the needs of various application environments in the industrial vacuuming field.
  PU steel wire vacuum hose application solution in woodworking machinery industry
   Currently in the wood processing industry, some professional woodworking machinery and equipment containing debris recovery are gradually becoming more efficient, more accurate, and faster. In the commercial and industrial fields, these performance standards are the decisive factor in choosing the best system. factor. Of course, this continuously increasing performance requirement is not only related to manufacturing standards, but also includes higher standards for auxiliary processes. Therefore, woodworking machinery suction equipment must also meet technical standards to ensure trouble-free operation of the entire factory. These woodworking machinery dust suction pipes should provide optimized services for the operating environment in the wood processing process. Hangzhou Haikuo specializes in the research and development of a new generation of woodworking machinery vacuum hoses for special applications in this environment.
  Introduction to the quality and performance of industrial vacuum hoses
  Material: polyester polyurethane [thermoplastic elastomer] (in accordance with DIN ISO 4649 standard, more wear-resistant than polyether polyurethane);
   Structure: Spiral copper-plated steel wire is shaped to meet hose expansion and firmness requirements;
  Wall thickness: 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm thickness can be customized to meet the needs of various industries.
  The PU steel wire suction hose produced by Hangzhou Haikuo is made from imported high-quality and stable TPU plastic particles and high-strength copper-plated steel wire. With many years of excellent production technology, we have produced customers' ideal products. The finished product has fewer crystal points and no vacancies in the spiral steel wire coating, so that there is no noise and durability in the operation of the hose.
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