Industrial vacuum hose and industrial vacuum equipment combination

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
With the rapid development of modern industrial production, the investment ratio of advanced production equipment is also increasing. But correspondingly, the inevitable dust debris and particle dust brought by industrial production are all natural products of industrial production. Although we cannot prevent their emissions, advanced industrial vacuum cleaner equipment is not uncommon in modern industrial production, and industrial vacuum hoses are an important component. Let's take a look at how the industrial vacuum hose is perfectly combined with industrial vacuum equipment, and the important impact of its products on modern industrial production.
  Industrial vacuum hoses are mainly suitable for modern industrial production vacuuming, especially those workshops with high pollution and high production requirements. In some production workshops with a high degree of pollution, a large amount of dust is unavoidable, but a large amount of dust debris and inhalable particulate matter will bring great safety and health risks to workshop production workers. Therefore, companies should put people first, start from the health requirements of employees, do their utmost to improve the production environment of the production workshop, and choose some air purification and vacuum equipment suitable for industrial production, such as industrial vacuum cleaners with higher dust collection efficiency. The tube and industrial vacuum cleaner is a perfect combination.

   vacuum cleaners combined with industrial vacuum hoses can effectively absorb dust and substances brought by industrial production. Although the use of industrial vacuum hoses is limited, in view of the current industrial development situation, the level of production efficiency and production The quality of the environment interacts and complements each other, especially in light industries such as medicines, food, and textiles. In addition, the use of industrial vacuum hoses can also bring health protection to workers in the production workshop. Therefore, the popularity of industrial vacuum hoses in the field of modern industrial production is increasing. In order to ensure the high efficiency of industrial vacuum equipment in the field of industrial production, designers should fully consider the wear resistance, anti-static, service life, high temperature resistance and other properties of the product when designing products. Industrial vacuum hose is a kind of vacuum tube used in industrial vacuum cleaner or central vacuum system. For industrial vacuum cleaner or central vacuum system, it is very necessary to choose a high-quality industrial vacuum hose. From the following points:
   1. Choose different industrial vacuum hoses for different application scenarios or equipment. For example, industrial vacuum cleaners should be selected according to the power used. The power of each model is different, and the thickness of the industrial vacuum tube is different. The higher the power, the pressure will be relatively large, so it is suitable to choose a hose with a thicker tube wall. Choose thinner hoses for lower power, so as to save costs. It is not the right choice to choose the thickest and best one. You should choose the right one according to your requirements.
  Secondly, be familiar with the power of the vacuum cleaner and the size of the interface. Generally speaking, the thickness is clarified, and then the outer diameter of the industrial vacuum cleaner interface is accurately measured with a caliper. The vacuum tube is based on the inner diameter, because When connecting, the inner diameter of the vacuum hose is sleeved on the outer diameter of the interface. Only when the size is accurate can you buy a standard industrial vacuum hose.
  3. Learn about the usage of customers in the same industry. When buying industrial vacuum hoses, you can ask the supplier to find out what customers in the same industry have? What model or thickness is used, and what kind of model or thickness has been used by the customer? Questions such as how long the service life is. A good product that can be used by peers is definitely a better product.
   Generally speaking, wear-resistant hoses are the first choice for industrial dust suction hoses. Only wear-resistant dust suction hoses have a longer service life. In the process of long-term use, the hose will be more or less worn. If it is severely worn, the hose may be completely damaged and needs to be replaced. A hose with good wear resistance has a longer service life than ordinary hoses. , Not only avoids frequent replacement, but also saves costs. There may be static electricity in some suction occasions, so Hangzhou Haikuo recommends wear-resistant and anti-static PU steel wire vacuum hose is undoubtedly the first choice.
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