Instructions for imported food rubber hose assembly from Italy

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
Instructions for imported food rubber hose assembly from Italy: It is always the Italian THOR food grade rubber hose that has 316L or 304 stainless steel joints that meet industry standards. A full set of 316L stainless steel sanitary joints reach 3A standards. ASME/BPE specifications can also be used; hoses Structure: inner layer of hose: food grade white EPDM, smooth mirror surface, odorless and tasteless. Reinforced layer: The braided layer is reinforced, and the inner core has excellent chemical resistance. It has passed USP Class VI certification and meets FDA and USDA standards. It is non-sticky and suitable for non-viscous liquid flow. The use of EPDM rubber outsourcing enhances durability and avoids sealing The hose is damaged by dirt, chemicals or other external sources. Size inner diameter: 13MM-76MM. Can be CIP, SIP or ray sterilization or autoclave sterilization.

   Brand and Country of Origin: THOR Italy
  Application range: food-grade rubber hose, food-grade hose, food-grade rubber hose imported from Italy, suitable for the transportation of liquid food such as wine, beer, drinking water, alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, etc., is a high-quality food-grade rubber soft In addition, the material of this hose is EPDM, so that this rubber hose can transport grease-containing animal and vegetable foods, which meets European standards and US FDA standards.
   Hose structure: Hose inner layer: food grade white EPDM, smooth mirror surface, odorless and tasteless. Strengthening layer: braided layer strengthening
   Outer layer: blue EPDM, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and bad weather
  Color: Blue
  Temperature range: -30°C ---+90°C
  Size inner diameter: 13MM-76MM
  Features: Food grade rubber tube, reinforced with high-strength fiber mesh. Very soft, light weight, easy to care for, and very resistant to wind, rain and aging. It is suitable for processing a wide range of fluid foods, such as wine, juice, beer, soft drinks and some mineralized drinking water. In addition, this rubber hose can be steam sterilized at a high temperature of 130°C for 30 minutes.
  Production standards: in line with US FDA standards and German BGA/BgVV standards
   Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM) Copolymer of ethylene and propylene, generally divided into two yuan ethylene propylene rubber and three yuan ethylene propylene rubber. It is characterized by excellent ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance, ranking first among general-purpose rubbers. Electrical insulation, chemical resistance, impact elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, low specific gravity, high filling compounding is possible. Heat resistance up to 150℃, resistance to polar solvents-ketones, esters, etc., but not to aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons. Other physical and mechanical properties are slightly inferior to natural rubber and superior to styrene butadiene rubber.
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