Introduction of several commonly used high temperature air duct applications

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
The common high-temperature ventilation hoses in the industrial production process include telescopic ducts, PP telescopic ducts, high-temperature resistant cloth-fitted flexible ducts, red high-temperature resistant silicone ducts, PU ducts, aluminum foil ventilation hoses, nylon cloth ducts, PVC strong shaped ventilation pipes, etc. What are the different uses of these high-temperature ducts? Which type of duct is more suitable for your needs when you buy? Below, Hangzhou Haikuo editor briefly introduces several commonly used high-temperature ducts. I hope you can buy them. It is helpful when air duct.
  How to choose a high-temperature air duct suitable for your use according to your needs:
  1. PVC telescopic ducts are generally used in computer rooms, basements, tunnels, municipal piping engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation equipment, fire-fighting smoke exhaust and other harsh working environments for air extraction and exhaust, smoke collection and dust removal. .

  2. Aluminum foil ventilation ducts are used for hot and cold air guidance, high temperature exhaust gas emission, motor vehicle layer gas emission, constant temperature gas delivery, high temperature welding gas emission, particle dryers in the plastics industry, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors; engines Various mechanical ventilation such as heating. It has temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses; it is extremely flame-retardant.

  3. PP telescopic ducts are mainly used for industrial and household air-conditioning exhaust, exhaust, and air supply, electronic factory soldering smoke, factory air supply end directional exhaust, exhaust air eye, bathroom exhaust air, etc. .

  4. High temperature resistant cloth-filled telescopic air ducts are used in occasions where flame-retardant hoses are required; used in solids such as dust, powder ends and fibers; used in gaseous media such as steam and smoke; used in industrial dust removal and exhaust stations , Flue gas emission, blast furnace exhaust gas emission and welding gas emission; corrugated hose used as a compensator; exhaust smoke, dust, high temperature and humid gas from various machinery, airplanes, and automobiles.

   5. The high-temperature-resistant red silicone hose is used for ventilation, exhausting smoke, humidity and dust, etc., and exhausting high-temperature and humid gas. It is used for the guidance of hot and cold air, granular desiccant used in the plastic industry, dust removal and extraction plant, heating exhaust, blast heater exhaust and welding gas exhaust.

  6. The pu duct is used for the suction and delivery of food and beverages. It is especially suitable for conveying abrasive food materials such as grains, sugar, feed, flour and so on. Used for anti-wear protection tube, usually used in suction occasions, especially suitable for abrasive solids, such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular materials for gaseous and liquid media. Used for industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or fabric fiber suction. As an anti-wear protection tube, it can be used for water-based food transportation with an alcohol content of not more than 20%, and it can be used for oily food transportation. Electrostatic discharge type with embedded grounding copper wire.

   After understanding the various uses of most high-temperature air ducts, I believe that everyone can choose the appropriate air duct for their own needs according to their needs.
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