Introduction to the material and performance of red silicone high temperature resistant air duct

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
The red silicone high-temperature air duct is a high-temperature air duct dedicated to the exhaust of hot air from the dryer. The temperature resistance range is about -70 °C to +300 °C, and it can reach +350 °C in a short time. It is used for hot air and hot air exhaust during plastic drying.
  Introduction to the commonly used red high temperature resistant silicone air duct material on the market:
   1. The surface is made of red silicone coating, and the silicone rubber coating is made of glass fiber cloth as the base cloth and then coated with silicone rubber; from the coating side, there are two types of red silicone heat-resistant air ducts: single-sided coating Layer and double-sided coating, the application characteristics of single-sided and double-sided coatings are basically similar. The single-sided coated silicone high-temperature air duct is used to ventilate the environment without any gas or water droplets; the double-coated red silicone high-temperature air The pipe is mainly used for ventilation and exhaust with gas and water droplets.
  2, with elastic steel wire inside, double-layer glass fiber cloth covered with elastic steel wire for reinforcement, the surface is high temperature resistant white nylon thread.

   There are two types of red silicone high temperature air ducts from the type of silicone treatment:
  1. Silica gel room temperature curing silicone rubber high temperature air duct;
  2. Silicone high temperature curing silicone high temperature air duct.
Introduction to the application performance of    red silicone high temperature resistant air duct:
   1. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties, good elasticity and flexibility, and can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other fields.
   2. Anti-corrosion aspect: Silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth can be used as a pipeline, internal and external anti-corrosion layer for storage. It has excellent anti-corrosion performance and high strength. It is an ideal anti-corrosion material.
  3. Flame retardant: Flame retardant conforms to DIN4102-B1, used in applications that require flame retardancy. .
   Application range:
   The red silicone heat-resistant air duct is used for hot and cold air guidance, granular drying in the plastic industry, dust removal and extraction plant, heater exhaust, blast heater exhaust and welding gas exhaust, used for exhaust equipment , Engine structure, heating engine, aircraft equipment and military equipment.
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