Introduction to the performance of high temperature air ducts and application places of high temperature air ducts

by:Haikuo     2021-06-07
The high temperature resistant air duct uses spiral steel wire as the skeleton of glass fiber cloth with oil wax coating cloth as the tube body. The product is flexible in expansion and bending, light in size, and convenient to carry; high temperature resistance, oleic acid resistance, fire prevention and flame retardant. The caliber of the product is 100-1500mm, and the length of the duct can be customized according to customer requirements (and the duct and the duct can be freely connected),
   High temperature air ducts equipped with ventilation equipment such as portable ventilators are widely used in confined narrow space construction and other harsh air environments, such as the extraction of welding gas, smoke and paint smell during shipbuilding; woodworking machinery pumping sawdust; pumping Clean the dust of the products in the machine room; air supply and exhaust in tunnels, mines, municipal sewer projects, underground cable projects, etc.
  High temperature resistant air duct applicable places:
  1. Space heating and drying in various fields, heating and anti-freezing.
  2, winter construction of architectural and decoration engineering;
  3, water supply, electric power, telecommunications industry winter emergency repair construction;
  4. Heating in factories, workshops, and large workshops; heat preservation in warehouses and greenhouses.
  5. Anti-freezing and thawing mechanical equipment.
  6. Exhaust exhaust gas from the engine and use a pipe for exhausting high-temperature exhaust gas.
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