Introduction to the processing characteristics of plastic hoses and analysis of the advantages of plastic hoses

by:Haikuo     2021-06-16
Introduction to the processing characteristics of plastic hoses and analysis of the advantages of plastic hoses
  Plastic hose is a high-grade transparent material, its light transmittance is better than inorganic glass, visible light transmittance is above 92%, ultraviolet light transmittance is 73%, refractive index is 1.491, and relative density is 1.19 , Half lighter than general inorganic glass. It is resistant to sunlight. After ten years of outdoor use, the light transmittance only drops by 11%. The mechanical strength of polymethacrylate is medium, but its mechanical strength and toughness are more than 10 times higher than that of inorganic glass.
  Plastic hose processing characteristics:
  Plastic hose processing method The melt flow characteristics of plastic hoses are similar to Newtonian fluids, the strength of the melt is low, and it is easy to sag during extrusion and blow molding. During injection molding, because the melt passing through the gate has small expansion and is difficult to contact with the film cavity wall, the surface of the injection molded product produces swirling or shot lines.
   The molding shrinkage rate of plastic hose is related to the thickness of the product, the size of the gate, the temperature of the mold and the temperature of the resin, the injection pressure, and the holding time. The dimensional stability of the molded product is related to the use conditions such as the degree of heat, crystallinity, and water absorption. The thickness of the product, mold temperature, and ambient temperature are related to the shrinkage rate after molding. The thinner the wall thickness, the lower the mold temperature, and the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the shrinkage rate of the product.
  The main processing method of plastic hose is injection molding, followed by extrusion molding, blow molding and a series of secondary processing.
What are the advantages of    plastic hose?
  The reason why plastic hoses can be widely used in all walks of life is that plastics are cheap, light, easy to process, corrosion resistant, have electrical insulation, high frequency shielding, high specific strength, wear resistance, and self-defense. Features such as lubrication and short molding cycle. The application of plastic hoses can also reduce the cost of products and extend the service life of the products. These excellent characteristics are incomparable to other metals and non-metals.
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