Italian brand FDA certified food grade hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
Italian brand food-grade hoses, food-grade rubber hoses, and FDA-certified food-grade hoses are imported from Italy. Hangzhou Haikuo is an Italian nursery brand hose agent. The supply is abundant, a large number of standard stocks are available and can be shipped on the same day. It has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality and environmental protection system certification, EU ROSH certification, FDA food certification, and meets national standards and European and American standards. Our company can provide free samples for trial.

   food grade hose food grade rubber hose, FDA certified food grade hose, vacuum rubber hose, high pressure rubber hose structure:
  Inner tube: SBR FDA certified material, bright white, smooth, odorless and tasteless food grade IIR synthetic rubber
   Reinforcement layer: high-strength synthetic fiber fabric (including spiral steel wire), high-strength synthetic cord, multi-layer braided structure with intermediate glue
   outer rubber: wear-resistant, weather-resistant, anti-aging, ozone-resistant synthetic rubber
   Working temperature: -40°C to +100°C,
   Application: Used to extract food, such as water, juice, beverage, milk
   market: food processing, canning car, dairy processing, milk processing
   Disinfection method: at a temperature not exceeding 130 ℃, use steam and detergent, 3% concentration of HNO3 and 15% concentration of NaOH for a few minutes.
   For joint assembly methods and other joint suggestions, please contact our sales representative.
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