Large-caliber stainless steel hoses change from traditional sales to leading consumption

by:Haikuo     2021-06-16
Analysts generally believe that environmental protection production restrictions are the main driving force behind the unexpected upward trend of large-diameter stainless steel pipe fittings. It was previously expected that the price of large-diameter stainless steel pipe fittings would fluctuate slightly from June to August, but the actual increase was much higher than expected. The main factor was the promotion of environmental protection and production restrictions. After the limited production in the heating season last year, large-diameter stainless steel pipe factories in Hebei, the main producing area of u200bu200blarge-diameter stainless steel pipes, did not resume production well. Since then, the total production restriction has been extended from the Yangtze River Delta to the eight cities along the river and the Fenwei Plain. The areas affected by environmental protection production restrictions have gradually spread. Instead of limiting production during the heating season, it has expanded from the original 2+26 cities to 80 cities. Recently, Tangshan concentrated production restrictions have also resumed. Although news about the market for large-caliber stainless steel pipe fittings is endless, but only good production is enough to resist.
The profit prospects of domestic steel companies are worrying, and the industry will still be on the verge of profit and loss in a short period of time. Facing a series of problems in the market, the development experts who want to successfully realize industrialization in our country feel a lot of pressure. After painstaking research, it is necessary to jointly deal with the loss of steel companies from various aspects such as manpower and material resources, and the steel market needs to be rectified and improved comprehensively. This is also a necessary means to optimize and upgrade the industry structure, so as to vigorously do a good job in the development of large-diameter stainless steel pipe enterprises. In this regard, let us work together to plan and implement it. Towards the end of the year, with the further improvement of the macro situation of large-diameter stainless steel pipes, investment projects such as infrastructure have become more attractive to funds. In addition, projects are generally entering the rush period. The investment target proposed by the Ministry of Transport is likely to be the same as last year. Will be realized. The information believes that the new high of investment in the infrastructure of large-diameter stainless steel pipe equipment shows the continuous implementation of the stability maintenance policy, indicating that the overall macro-economy is accelerating and stabilizing, and that the downstream demand in the market is actually picking up.

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