Lex Biopharmaceutical hose strengthens technological innovation to the international market

by:Haikuo     2021-06-04
Biopharmaceutical hoses are widely used in health, medicine and other industries. For many years, biopharmaceutical hoses have been monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises, which not only caused 'sky prices' in prices, but also increased the production cycle of enterprises and other costs. After years of hard work, Hangzhou Haikuo Biopharmaceutical Hose has overcome the difficult problem of domestic sanitary silicone hose. It not only fills the gap in my country's independent research and development and production of sanitary silicone hose, but also greatly reduces the production cost of domestic pharmaceutical companies.
  Bio-pharmaceutical hoses are made of Dow Corning silicone materials. The silicone hoses produced mainly include all-plastic silicone hoses, single-layer spliced u200bu200bsilicone hoses, four-layer polyester silicone hoses, single-layer steel wire silicone hoses, reinforced Silicone hose, four-layer steel wire silicone hose, bio-pharmaceutical silicone hose, food-grade silicone hose, silicone hose for wine pump connection, silicone hose for filling machine, silicone hose for oxygen generator, medical silicone hose The silicone hoses produced by biopharmaceutical silicone hoses not only have complete specifications, but also meet the national food-grade requirements, meet the US FDA food-grade testing standards, and have passed the EU SGS certification, and the quality and performance have reached the imported silicone soft The standard of the tube.
  Good quality, low price, and high-quality service have made Hangzhou Haikuo Biopharmaceutical silicone hoses have won the favor of national food and pharmaceutical companies since their birth. In line with the industry leader and the responsibility of leading the continuous development of the domestic silicone industry, Hangzhou Haikuo will increase the company's research and development costs, improve the company's management system, and a professional after-sales service team. Not only will my country's sanitary silicone hoses and pharmaceutical hoses have a greater market share in the domestic market, they will also expand their foreign market share, allowing China's silicone hoses to truly enter the international market.
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