Lex copper-plated steel wire hose has a wide range of applications and excellent performance

by:Haikuo     2021-06-04
Copper-plated steel wire hose, made of high wear-resistant polyurethane raw materials, copper-plated steel wire as the skeleton, suitable for high flow rate and very abrasive sand, gravel, fine-grained useless glass and chips, wear-resistant steel wire hose It can better meet the transportation requirements of all walks of life.

   copper-plated steel wire hose, wear-resistant steel wire hose, transparent steel wire hose has a wide range of applications:
  ■ For suction arm collection device, dust removal system, filter system, oil dust removal: fixed installation, mobile
  ■ Chemical industry: chemical vapor suction, vapor return soft loading arm, paint vapor suction, spray suction
  ■ Extraction or transportation in explosive hazardous areas, static discharge hose, antistatic hose, conductive hose
  ■ Animal cages, animal sheds: barn ventilation
  ■ Woodworking dust removal (DIN4102-B1): wood flour, wood chips, furniture production, sawn wood
  ■ Woodworking dust removal (DIN4102-B1): vertical panel saws, saws, woodworking machinery, edge processing machines, floor sanding machines
  ■ Woodworking dust removal (DIN4102-B1): CNC machinery, CNC machining center (especially for fast moving systems)
  ■ Passenger cars, off-road vehicles, caravans/trailers, mobile RVs/
  ■ Camper/RV, boat, ship/vessel/ocean, boat, yacht: ventilation, heating
  ■ Clean room industry: clean room ventilation, semiconductor production equipment, computer chip manufacturing
   Copper-plated steel wire hose, abrasion-resistant steel wire hose, transparent steel wire hose performance characteristics:
  ■ Generally packaged in foil, low transportation cost and risk, minimum inventory capacity. Due to the non-migrating antistatic material, the tube wall can permanently discharge static electricity: the electron and surface resistance is about 10?Ω
  ■ Ultra light, high bendability + compression ratio 3:1
  ■ Abrasion resistance (abrasion resistance is 2.5~5 times higher than most rubber materials, and 3~4 times higher than soft PVC) High tensile strength and tear resistance
  ■ Good oil resistance, gasoline resistance, chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance
  ■ Small bending radius, no kinking, no softener and halogen, prevent gas and liquid leakage, RoHS compliant
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