Lex food grade hose is made of polyether-sub-polyurethane (E-PUR) as raw material and combined with German technology.

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
Hangzhou Haikuo food grade hose body is extremely resistant to abrasion, copper-plated steel wire enhances the hose strength, high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, high shaft strength, so that the conveying material is smooth, and good chemical resistance; the bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter , Can discharge static electricity. The pipe wall is covered with strong and elastic copper-plated steel wire; wall: special top polyether-polyurethane, about 0.6-0.9MM wall thickness, smooth inner wall; more than 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary PVC hoses and rubber pipes. Food hose, food-grade transparent steel wire hose is an anti-aging agent added to the material, and it remains flexible and does not change color after long-term use. The service life is 3 times that of ordinary food-grade hoses. It is suitable for industrial, mining, agricultural and This series of food-grade steel wire hoses are suitable for various high flow rates and very abrasion in the vacuum suction of powders and particles in water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical, sanitary and other industries, and transport of water, oil, chemical materials, food, etc. Strong sand, gravel, fine particles, useless glass and chips, gas and liquid environment, silo transportation, glass industry, docks, steel plants, mines, shipyards, cement plants, etc. The protection tube.

   Food hose, food-grade hose has the properties of tensile resistance, strong tension, high tear strength, abrasion resistance, flexure resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc., and has a good return Flexible and long service life, very resistant to high pressure, vacuum and compression, high shaft strength, and very smooth material. This series of food-grade steel wire hoses are made of special polymers, which makes it safe to use and maximizes the guarantee It is hygienic and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, strong and durable. It has a wide range of applications in fields such as farm irrigation, industrial and mining, oil depots, sand pumping, sand blasting, food, medicine, and indoor gas, powder, and dust absorption and discharge.
  Hangzhou Haikuo food-grade steel wire hose is made of polyether-sub-polyurethane (E-PUR) as raw material, combined with German technology and equipment. The pipe wall is spirally coated with strong and elastic stainless steel wire to make PU The steel wire hose is resistant to pressure and abrasion, does not decompose any smell and taste; the smooth inner wall does not stick to water, is very soft, lightweight, easy to care, and is very resistant to wind, rain and aging. The food-grade steel wire hose does not contain organic plasticizers. , Phthalates and latex additives and other harmful substances, especially suitable for solids with high flow rate, such as grains, particles and chips; gaseous and liquid media; industrial sewage, oil transportation; food and pharmaceutical industries; milk powder transportation , Food and beverage transportation, such as wine, beverage, drinking water, fruit juice, jam, etc.
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