Lex food-grade silicone hose meets the needs of the US FDA food hygiene and pharmaceutical certification, and can provide relevant test reports

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
Food-grade silicone tube and medical-grade medical delivery tube are made of imported high-temperature resistant platinum vulcanized silica gel raw materials. The raw silicone rubber is added to a double-roll mixer or a closed kneader, and white carbon black and other aids are gradually added. The agent is repeatedly refined uniformly, and the product is made by extrusion according to the technical standard requirements of the industry. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, physiologically inert, UV resistant, ozone resistant, high and low temperature resistance, high transparency, strong resilience, compression resistance and permanent deformation, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, stamping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, Withstand voltage, conductivity and other properties.
   Sanitary pharmaceutical hoses, food-grade silicone hoses, and medical-grade silicone hoses. The inner surface is 3 times smoother than conventional hoses, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring that customers are provided with products with the highest level of biocompatibility, which can withstand repeated cycles. CIP and SIP disinfection, tough braid reinforcement, can increase working pressure, can help maintain fluid integrity when transporting or processing sensitive liquids, comply with USP Class VI, FDA and NSF related standards, and biocompatibility can reach ISO10993 Standard, with good flexibility, durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance, suitable for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, food, dairy and beverage industries that require harsh sanitary conditions.

  Hangzhou Haikuo pharmaceutical grade hose, food grade silicone hose can be sterilized repeatedly under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The inner surface of the medical silicone tube is very smooth, which can avoid the growth of bacteria, reduce the adsorption of fluid, and is easy to clean; The material is extremely low and will not contaminate the fluid. The white clean silicone surface does not decompose any odor or taste to the solution medium; the high temperature resistant silicone tube can be autoclaved, radiation sterilized or Eto sterilized. It is produced under strict quality control conditions to ensure product identity. The silicone material is food-grade The composition of the hose meets the most stringent requirements for biochemical compatibility, exceeding the 3-A sanitary standards and the specifications of the US Drug and Food Administration (FDA) Chapter 21, Section 177.2600.
  Pharmaceutical silicone hose can withstand the requirements of steam cleaning and other aspects, and can provide to meet the needs of US FDA food hygiene and pharmaceutical certification, including sanitary certification, cytotoxicity inspection, and plasticizer inspection of food contact materials There are more substances listed, and the detection limit and limit are lower. The silica gel itself is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. After high-temperature baking and secondary vulcanization, it will achieve non-toxic and odorless effects. It is suitable for drinking fountains, medical equipment, and small Home appliances (coffee pots, kettles, irons, rice cookers, frying pans, sterilizers, water dispensers, pulp machines, bread machines, water heaters, etc.) and electronic, automotive, medical and other mechanical products. We can provide relevant test reports, which meet the sanitary certification. It is suitable for industries such as liquid medicine delivery, vaccines, and pharmaceutical preparations.
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