Lex high temperature resistant air duct has passed the national fire inspection certification, and the price is affordable

by:Haikuo     2021-06-04
Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo Hose Co., Ltd. produces high-temperature resistant air ducts of high quality, reasonable prices, first-class service, passed the national fire protection inspection certification, high-tech manufacturing, and all-round technical consultation. The high temperature resistant hoses produced by our factory have high temperature resistance / wear resistance / chemical resistance / fire resistance / flame retardant / waterproof / acid and alkali resistance / high expansion and contraction performance. The outer layer is protected by a strong steel ring. Drag on the ground at will without wearing the air duct, and also withstand the weight of objects. It is a manufacturing supplier of the Foxconn Group.
  High temperature resistant air duct application range: used for diesel engine test bench, exhaust of automobile exhaust, high temperature boiler gas extraction, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heating engine, solids such as dust, powder and fiber, gas environment Such as steam and smoke, dust removal and extraction plant, heater exhaust, aircraft equipment and military coordination bellows and compressors, low-pressure environments, such as construction machinery, coal mines.
  The high-temperature resistant exhaust pipe adopts a double-layer structure, the middle of the pipe wall is covered with elastic steel wire, and the surface of the pipe is reinforced with ribbon fiber and rope. Good heat resistance, sealing protection, smooth inside; stretchable fiber reinforced, small bending radius, not easy to kink, RoHS compliant;
Material: spiral wire: elastic steel wire, pipe wall material: glass fiber coating on silicon surface;
  ◆. Production diameter: 1 inch -50 inch, the bending radius is about larger than the radius, the expansion ratio: 5:1;
  ◆. Color: outer gray/inner white/galvanized steel sheet;
  ◆. Length: 6 meters, can be requested: special color, special length, can be customized;
  ◆. Temperature range: about -60 °C to +400 °C, can reach +450 °C in a short time
  ◆. Structure: Patented CP structure (CP is the abbreviation of clamp profile), external spiral metal wire support (metal sheet + wire) pipe wall, patent number: ZL201130194610.7
   can work between –60°C ~ +400°C for a long time, and the short-term temperature resistance can be as high as +450°C. The inner wall is smooth, the wind resistance is small, the weight is light, and the elasticity and flexibility are strong. Anti-ultraviolet, strong anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and durable. Flame retardant, used in cold and hot air circulation conveying systems, such as pellet dryers in the plastics industry, printing machinery, hot air blowers and compressors, as well as exhaust emissions, automobile engine heating, train hot air circulation systems, aviation equipment and military equipment.
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