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by:Haikuo     2021-06-04
The quality of team building symbolizes the strength of a company's subsequent development, and it is also a full manifestation of the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company. If a team member evades responsibility and lacks initiative and responsibility, it will drag down the overall morale and productivity. So as a manager, how to help subordinates to establish responsibility and trust, and create a working environment in which everyone is courageously responsible.
   Enterprise team building optimization 1: Choose the right team members
   When recruiting a team, don’t blindly focus on ability and IQ. Ability and IQ are just one of the indicators of self-likeness. Similarity requires team members to have a certain degree of connectivity, and the workplace also needs to be 'smart and understandable.' At the same time, it also requires individual team members to have a certain degree of peculiarities. Each individual is not a good team, and one thousand people is also not a good team.
  Optimization of corporate team building 2: Build trust with team members and handle the relationship between superiors and superiors
   Team building, the first and most important step is to build trust. This is not any kind of trust, but a solid trust based on human fragility.
   The success of the conflict resolution between the leader and the led, that is, the success of the conflict resolution between the superior and the subordinate, affects the realization of the entire leadership goal, and affects the leadership performance of the entire leadership system. Therefore, artistic handling of the relationship between superiors and subordinates is very important in the entire leadership system.
   Enterprise team building optimization 3: Motivate team members to pay attention to 'workplace principles'
  1. One of the principles: Incentives should vary from person to person
   2. Principle 2: Rewards and punishments are moderate
  3. Principle 3: Fairness of Incentives
   4. Principle 4: Reward the right things
   Enterprise team building optimization 4: Let team members do their responsibilities
  The supervisor is the general, and the team is a mutually beneficial whole. If the supervisor does not let go, the members are not responsible; if the supervisor is too let go, the members are too loose. The supervisor level is low, and the members look down upon it; the supervisor level is high, and the members can’t keep up. As long as the supervisor is able to relax and unwind freely, and use both kindness and power, the employees can be proactive, united and cooperate, and achieve outstanding performance.
   Enterprise team building optimization five: pay attention to prevent team aging
   The flowing water does not rot, and the household pivot does not stalk. This means that the flowing water will not smell, and the frequently rotating door shaft will not be eaten by insects. Team aging is a common phenomenon for enterprises, and it is not easy to solve. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects.
  Individual employees with aging thinking are lying on the merits of the past. They do not seek improvement, do not think enterprising, and refuse to learn actively.
   Individual employees with aging thinking have almost all negative attitudes towards the company’s new reforms and initiatives.
   Individual employees with aging thinking tend to regard themselves as old employees, turning a deaf ear to the company’s rules and regulations, often violating them but disapproving them.
  Individual employees with aging thinking, because they have a good understanding of the company and the job situation, they often use various tricky reasons and excuses to create problems for the superiors and make things difficult for the leaders to seek personal gain
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