Lex pharmaceutical grade hose has passed various food hygiene audits and sampling tests. It does not contain plasticizers, plasticizers and other additives

by:Haikuo     2021-06-05
The pharmaceutical grade hose has passed various food hygiene audits and sampling tests, and does not contain plasticizers, plasticizers and other additives. It is a kind of biopharmaceutical hose that has passed the country's most stringent GB9684-2011 plasticizer-free certification and GB13115-91 food-grade certification. Due to the use of special polymers, it has good safety in use and maximizes hygiene. And environmental protection, steam sterilization can be used. When this series of pharmaceutical-grade hoses are used together with other sanitary joints in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, food, dairy and beverage industries that require harsh sanitary conditions, the entire system can be designed to meet the above sanitary requirements. It complies with the USP drug approval of the United States, can ensure the maximum degree of impermeability, and will never cause contact pollution to the product.
  Pharmaceutical grade hose characteristics
  1, built-in glass fiber reinforced, with better pressure resistance and higher temperature resistance;
  2. The inner and outer walls are smooth to inhibit particle adsorption and microbial growth, ensuring the sanitation and cleanliness of key processing links;
  3, can be repeated autoclave sterilization and steam sterilization (CIP, SIP steam sterilization, the application of disinfection in place)
  4, the translucent color allows visual monitoring of the conveying medium;
  5. Lightweight structure and excellent elasticity make it easy to obtain a smaller bending radius without obstructing fluid transportation;
  6. High temperature silica gel material and glass fiber reinforcement can be selected for continuous working temperature up to 260℃;
  7. Both ends can choose to buckle various sanitary 316 stainless steel joints, including quick clip, DIN and SMS union, RJT, IDF, wrench type union and flange.
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