Lex wear-resistant vacuum hose and vacuum hose have passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality and environmental protection system certification

by:Haikuo     2021-06-04
Wear-resistant dust suction tube, dust suction hose is usually used for anti-wear protection suction and transportation, high flow rate of abrasive solids, such as sand, gravel, grain, broken glass and debris; gaseous and liquid media, underground Conveying; Conveying pipes in glass manufacturing plants, docks, steel plants, quarries, shipyards, cement plants, etc., are used as durable protective pipes.

  Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo dust suction hose has excellent wear resistance protection, with lower reinforced metal wire and narrow tilt (abrasion resistance is 2.5~5 times higher than most rubber materials, and softer PVC is 6 -8 times); The interior is smooth, which optimizes the flow characteristics, is light and has flexibility; it is resistant to high pressure, vacuum and compression, high axial strength, high tensile strength, and tear strength. Food grade pipe wall complies with: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010, EC regulation 2002/72/EC including the recently revised regulation 2007/19/EC; anti-microbial and hydrolysis, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance; Good low temperature flexibility, small bending radius, not easy to kink, no softener and halogen, no leakage of gas and liquid, vacuum sealing, grounding through spiral wire can discharge static electricity.
  The vacuum hose produced by Hangzhou Haikuo Hose Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality and environmental protection system certification in 2003, and the product has passed the EU ROSH certification, which meets the requirements of national standards and European and American standards.
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