LKESS high temperature resistant hoses are one-stop service from raw materials to finished products processing. Any length and caliber can be customized

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
High temperature resistant air pipe, high temperature resistant hose, high temperature resistant ventilation pipe flexible and lightweight, flexible and flexible, flexible and flexible, set air supply, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance and arbitrary expansion and universal transformation functions. The product is non-burning, non-melting, non-shrinking, non-changing, non-toxic gas, no dense smoke, low density and light weight, which is convenient for construction and reduces the load-bearing capacity of the mechanical structure. It has good fire resistance and good mechanical strength.
  High temperature resistant air duct is mainly used in the extraction of hot gas from high-temperature boilers, automobile exhaust, factory solder smoke extraction, blast furnace exhaust and welding gas exhaust, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heating engine, solid such as Dust, powder and fiber, gas environment such as steam and smoke, dust removal and extraction plant, heater exhaust, aircraft equipment and military reconciliation bellows and compressors, low pressure environment.
  Properties: The external clamp-type structure is wear-resistant, very strong, and the bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter; the compression ratio is 1:6.

   Structure: The wall is covered with special glass fiber, heat-insulating fiber, and coated with high temperature glue; the outside is covered with special glass fiber and spiral steel wire is clamped, which is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and can be dragged on the ground without damaging the air duct .
  Temperature range: about -60℃ to +400℃, it can be about +450℃ in a short time. The temperature below 1100 degrees can be customized according to the requirements of any length, size, and caliber. High temperature resistant air duct, high temperature resistant hose series products. Our company has one-stop service from raw materials to finished products processing. Large quantities and prices are negotiable.
   Our company is equipped with complete production equipment, various testing equipment, and has many professional and technical personnel. Over the years, we have gained a good reputation in the market by virtue of first-class professional level, high-quality management and good after-sales service. The company adheres to the ideology of putting customer interests first, innovation as the leader, and market-oriented, and constantly improves the service level. Comprehensive customer service and high-quality products are the cornerstones of our strategic development. We advocate: the same product is better than quality, the same quality is better than price, and the same price is better than service.
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