Made of imported PU steel wire hose, in line with ROHS\SGS certification, widely used in plastics and woodworking industries

by:Haikuo     2021-06-22
The PU steel wire hose is made of high-quality PU imported from Germany and made of polyurethane raw materials, and polyester polyurethane is coated with copper-plated steel wire reinforcement. The inner surface is smooth, light weight, abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and tear resistance, mineral oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, halogen-free, and RoHS environmental protection directive. Due to its very high flexibility, PU steel wire hose is especially suitable for narrow spaces with extremely high bending requirements, and is used for the transmission and suction of abrasive materials such as particles and scraps. In the plastics industry, it can be used for high-speed transmission of plastic particles and scraps. In the printing industry and the field of industrial vacuum cleaning. Woodworking machinery industry is used for anti-static dust suction in woodworking workshops and sawdust suction. Material pipes for material transportation in ceramic machinery industry, etc.

  Hangzhou Haikuo PU steel wire pipe series products are made of 100% high-physical thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) imported from Germany, with constant working pressure and longer life; it has passed SGS material certification and ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, and Comply with ROHS directive certification. It has excellent flexibility, high pressure resistance, vibration resistance and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for places with large bends. The polyurethane hose is light in weight, convenient and flexible to use, and is convenient for pipe deployment. It adopts an online pipe diameter control system and has a tolerance of pipe diameter. Control within ±0.05mm; high precision control of inner and outer diameter dimensions, suitable for all kinds of quick-tightening joints u0026 quick-connecting joints.
   can produce different wall thicknesses and specifications, the commonly used wall thicknesses are 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, the thicker the wall thickness, the stronger the wear resistance. Choose PU steel wire hoses with different wall thicknesses according to the conveying medium and application environment. If you are not sure how thick the pipe is suitable for your purpose, you can contact Hangzhou Haikuo sales engineer.
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