Material description of stainless steel corrugated hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19

Stainless steel hose---stainless steel corrugated hose, stainless steel metal threading hoseu003d》Material is 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel, used as protection tube for automatic instrument signal and wire and cable protection tube for instrument, specifications from 3mm to 150mm. Ultra-small diameter stainless steel hose (4mm-12mm) provides solutions for the protection of precision electronic equipment and sensor circuits. It is used for the protection of sensor circuits of precision optical scales and industrial sensor circuits. It has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile resistance.
Norui products: produce Φ3-Φ100 single buckle P3 type stainless steel hose, Φ4-Φ25 double buckle P4 type stainless steel hose | single and double hook stainless steel hose | P3 type P4 type single and double hook metal hose | stainless steel hose |Single buckle hose|Double buckle hose|Wire (gas) tensile protection hose|Cotton thread stainless steel metal hose|IC card (public) telephone, telecommunications hose|Instrumentation, armored optical cable, sensor special metal soft Pipe|Gas meters, pressure gauges, flow meters, coating equipment stainless steel metal hoses, intelligent remote water meter threading hoses, grating ruler stainless steel metal hoses and other mechanical stainless steel threading hoses, metal electrical protection hoses and joints

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