Material of stainless steel spiral corrugated pipe

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
The four-layer stainless steel spiral corrugated pipe surrounded by steel frame is based on high-density polyethylene, and the outer spiral surrounding wall is lined with a new type of corrugated pipe reinforced by steel plates and hollow reinforcements. In addition to the corrosion resistance, lubrication of the inner wall, and low movement resistance of general plastic pipes, it also has a ring shape greater than 10KN/M2 because of the hollow ring structure of the steel frame as the reinforcement (the spiral surrounds the hollow wall. Vinyl pipe can only reach 8KN/M2 ring stiffness), excellent strength and resistance, light weight (40% lighter than spiral surrounding hollow wall polyethylene pipe), impact resistance, not easy to break, no leakage, etc., so it is widely used In the fields of drainage, sewage, agricultural irrigation, coal mine ventilation, chemical industry, communication cable sheath, etc., because of its light weight and convenient transportation device, it reduces the labor intensity of construction personnel, and also reduces the total investment of the project. Concrete pipes, cast iron The ambition of the tube is to replace the product.
  The large-diameter surrounding spiral corrugated pipe has advantages over traditional metal pipes and concrete pipes. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali corrosion resistance, water erosion resistance, light weight, high strength, no leakage, convenient installation, and long service life. It is widely used in sewage discharge in towns, communities, municipal sewers, and agricultural irrigation.
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