Matters needing attention during construction of high temperature resistant air duct

by:Haikuo     2021-06-07
In the past, air ducts used to convey air, and they were all air-conditioning. And now some companies have invented high-temperature air ducts, which have good high-temperature resistance and are well received in many fields. They are all used in ventilation ducts, and are generally installed in computer rooms, basements, mechanical engineering, mining ventilation equipment, Air supply and exhaust in harsh working environments such as fire fighting and smoke exhaust, dust collection, high temperature resistance and air exhaust.
  High temperature air duct has good resistance to strong acids and alkalis, good chemical resistance, easy to carry, oleic acid resistance and flame retardant; any bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter, static electricity can be discharged, and the spiral wire is grounded for installation. Bring great convenience. Air has always been the gas that we humans must breathe. If you do not carry out air circulation and transportation in a sealed situation, then there will be the possibility of suffocation, so now many people install air ducts in places with poor air. , Otherwise life will be in danger.
   About the sealing link of the duct in the construction of high temperature duct.
   Under normal circumstances, the recommended sealing tapes for energy-saving, sound-absorbing and high-temperature air duct systems are: heat-sensitive tape and pressure-sensitive tape. During the construction, it should be noted that before the duct of the high-temperature resistant air duct is sealed with tape, a special buckle-shaped binding pin should be used to fix the overlap joint of the pipe. The spacing of the binding pin is 50mm. When stapling, the stapling needle should be slightly angled to the seam. Stapling pins are only used to fix the overlapping interface with a flap. If there is no flap or a flat interface, the adhesive tape should be used for fixing. The maximum size of the adhesive tape is 300 mm, at least one on each side.
   Regarding the reinforcement of high temperature air duct construction.
   When the static pressure load inside the high temperature resistant air duct system causes a 1% deflection of the glass fiber high temperature resistant air duct wall, it is necessary to reinforce the high temperature resistant air duct.
  Usually high temperature resistant air duct system piping can be reinforced by the following methods:
  (1) Anti-sagging reinforcement method, it is used for the reinforcement of special pipelines, such as the reinforcement of the diversion pipeline and the winding pipeline.
  (2) Tie rod reinforcement method, which uses steel color and casing reinforcement, usually under 500Pa positive pressure reinforcement.
  (3) Frame reinforcement method, that is, the use of light steel keel reinforcement.
  (4) Enclosed reinforcement method, which uses light steel keel reinforcement, and is used on some special pipes where tie rod reinforcement and frame reinforcement cannot be applied, such as 900 elbows, three-way pipes, and bulkhead pipes.
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