Matters needing attention in the installation of hose joints

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
Many customers ignore many problems when using hose joints, which leads to many problems with hose joints, leading to the service life of the joints. Let's follow the editor to understand the matters needing attention in the installation of hose joints.
Improper cutting or improper deburring of the pipes connecting the compression fittings will reduce the service life and tightness of the joints. If it is a thin-walled steel pipe or a relatively flexible tube made of non-ferrous metal, a reinforced sleeve is required when connecting with the hose connector. Since the hose joint is used for the pipe connection interface, the pressure is relatively strong, so the manufacturing process requirements for its material are relatively strict, so when you buy the hose joint, you must be clear about the material process in order to correspond to the occasion Compare and choose the right hose connector!
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