Matters needing attention when choosing biopharmaceutical hoses, pharmaceutical hoses, and pharmaceutical grade silicone hoses

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
Matters needing attention when choosing biopharmaceutical hoses, pharmaceutical hoses, and pharmaceutical grade silicone hoses
   Bio-pharmaceutical hose, pharmaceutical hose, pharmaceutical-grade silicone hose improper use can easily cause safety hazards. The bio-pharmaceutical hose that is often used in the production and transportation of medical equipment, and food-grade hoses are not used in the domestic standard. specification. The following is an explanation for everyone to pay attention to when choosing a sanitary pharmaceutical hose:
  1. Environment-location of use, ambient temperature, humidity, whether it is exposed to reagents or ozone-substances that may come into contact with the end of the hose
  2. Positive pressure-negative pressure-working pressure and working negative pressure-potential overload pressure (including hammering)
  3. Connector type, size, thread type-outer diameter, inner diameter-length adjustment-strap type, size-outer fastening rope type (the joint is a quick-release chuck, thread, flange joint or other form )
  4. In special circumstances, we should also consider whether pharmaceutical silicone tubes, medical silicone tubes, food silicone tubes, sanitary silicone hoses, and pharmaceutical hoses need to be conductive;
   5. Transmission medium form: liquid, gas or solid. Solid media: granular shape, concentration, transmission performance, type, speed, flow rate. Frequency of use-substance type, name, concentration, working temperature.
  6. Mechanical limit-minimum working bending radius-pulling, twisting, bending, oscillation, squeezing tolerance-whether it will be impacted, worn, or corroded-working position: placed on the ground, suspended, immersed
  7. In special circumstances, users choose biopharmaceutical hoses, pharmaceutical hoses, pharmaceutical-grade silicone hoses, and sanitary-grade silicone hoses according to this standard. Mandatory specifications, standards and specifications;
  Most of the medical and food industries use biopharmaceutical hoses, pharmaceutical hoses, pharmaceutical silicone hoses, sanitary silicone hoses, and pharmaceutical silicone hoses that meet European and American standards and are braided with polyester silicone , High-purity platinum vulcanized silicone tube, and ray braided platinum vulcanized steel wire tube and other multi-purpose sanitary hoses are commonly used in medical, sanitary equipment, food processing, medical equipment processing and transportation, cosmetics production and transportation of liquids, solids and other sanitary hoses.
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