Matters needing attention when purchasing exhaust extraction hoses for automobile testing stations

by:Haikuo     2021-06-12
Matters needing attention when purchasing exhaust extraction hoses for automobile testing stations
  High temperature resistant telescopic hoses have been widely used in industrial production, completely solving many problems of traditional hoses. In modern industrial production, we will often use telescopic hoses. As the name implies, the high temperature resistant flexible hose is a flexible flexible hose that can work efficiently at high or low temperatures. It is widely used in hot or cold air guide pipes, high temperature exhaust emissions, motor vehicle exhaust detection emissions, high temperature welding gas emissions, plastics industry Used tube pellet dryers, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors, engine structures, engine heating, aviation equipment and military machinery and equipment.
   Today, the editor will introduce to you the high-temperature-resistant retractable exhaust hose used for automobile exhaust emission testing. Exhaust emissions from cold-started engines of automobile exhaust gas detection stations in enclosed buildings can reach toxic concentrations. Even if the vehicle is running indoors for a short time and the door is opened, odorless carbon monoxide (car exhaust) will still accumulate in the building. Failure to control and remove car exhaust can cause illness and damage sensitive electronic components in the workshop’s diagnostic and maintenance equipment. Therefore, when purchasing a hose for vehicle exhaust detection and extraction, you must pay attention to several points:

  1. Choose regular manufacturers: Because most regular manufacturers are processed with high standards, high-quality raw materials and fine craftsmanship;
  2. Good high temperature resistance: the temperature of vehicle exhaust is relatively high. If there is no good high temperature resistance, the hose is easily corroded by high temperature;
  3. The hose has good expansion and contraction performance: the exhaust suction of the automobile inspection station is often pulled repeatedly, which is easy to deform;
  4. High abrasion resistance: Exhaust suction devices like exhaust hose reel will wear the hose during the process of drawing and coiling. If the quality of the hose is not good enough, then The replacement frequency of the hose is high, which will affect the cost of the entire device;
  5. High pressure resistance and air leakage: There are a lot of toxic gases in the exhaust of automobile exhaust. Only a hose with good air leakage can ensure the safety of the entire exhaust gas extraction process.
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