Metal corrugated hose is an important part in modern industry

by:Haikuo     2021-06-02

 Metal corrugated hose is an important part in modern industry. Metal hoses are used as wire and cable protection tubes for wires, cables, automatic instrument signals, and civilian shower hoses, with specifications ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Small-caliber metal hoses are mainly used for the protection of sensing lines of precision optical scales and industrial sensor lines. Since it can be bent at will and the internal stress generated by bending under the condition of the rated bending radius is very small, it can bring great convenience to the installation work and also play a certain role in guaranteeing the safe operation of the pipeline system. This is the main reason why metal corrugated hoses must be used in certain piping systems.

Metal corrugated hose

Corrugated metal hose From the structural point of view, the culture material of metal corrugated pipe has two kinds of materials: strip and pipe, both of which can be formed into annular corrugated pipe and spiral corrugated pipe. It is just that the corrugated pipe formed by the strip always has a certain length of brazed or welded buckles and joints. These places often accumulate residues of the working medium, and precipitate the cleaning test and the mechanical impurities in the working medium contaminate the inner cavity. . Therefore, the reliability of its use is relatively poor. The ring-shaped corrugated pipe is a pipe with a special geometric shape in which the outer edges of a plurality of circular diaphragms are tangentially connected with a plurality of semicircular rings on the center of the concave surface, and the inner edge is tangentially connected with the semicircular rings of a plurality of concave vests. Its blanks are mainly pipes. This type of corrugated pipe has the characteristics of large flexibility, good elasticity, simple manufacturing, and low rigidity. It is suitable for making large and medium diameter metal hoses that can withstand general working pressure and require high flexibility. The spiral corrugated tube is a special type in which the outer edge of a spring-shaped diaphragm of a certain length is tangent to the semicircular ring of the spring-shaped concave surface, and the inner edge is tangent to the semicircular ring of the spring-shaped concave vest. Pipes of geometric shapes. This kind of bellows has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, and simple manufacturing. It is suitable for making high and medium pressure, medium and small diameter metal hoses with general flexibility requirements and higher strength requirements.

Corrugated metal hose is generally composed of three parts: corrugated pipe, net sleeve and joint. The corrugated pipe is the body of the metal hose, which plays a flexible role; the mesh sleeve plays a role of strengthening and shielding; and the joint plays a role of connection. For different usage requirements, they are connected in different ways: the bellows, the mesh sleeve and the joint are connected in the form of welding, called welding; connected in the form of mechanical clamping, called mechanical clamping; In addition, there is a combination of the above two methods, called hybrid.

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