Natural gas needs to be connected by high-quality stainless steel hoses

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
1. Master the knowledge of gas safety and use natural gas correctly
Please use a special natural gas stove with automatic flameout protection device, which can automatically shut off the gas source in the event of flameout.
Do not use direct-discharge water heaters, to avoid the gas generated after gas combustion is discharged indoors, which may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Please use forced-discharge gas water heaters.
Please use qualified stainless steel hoses for gas. If you use rubber hoses for gas, the length of the hose should not exceed 2 meters and it should be replaced once every 18 months. The rubber hose should not go through the wall and cross the room.
It is recommended that you install a gas alarm and an electromagnetic shut-off valve. When a gas leak occurs, the alarm will give out a sound and light alarm. The electromagnetic valve can automatically cut off the gas source to avoid accidents.
Please do not install, modify, relocate, or dismantle indoor gas facilities and gas metering devices without permission. If you need to install or modify gas facilities, please contact the gas company, and the gas company professionals will be responsible for the construction.
Please do not wrap indoor gas pipelines, gas meters and other gas facilities to avoid fire and explosion accidents caused by accumulation of gas after leakage.
Please do not place flammable and combustible substances (air fresheners, mosquito killers, lighters, perfumes, etc.) next to the stove to avoid fire and explosion.
Please do not install fuel pipes, facilities and use gas in the bedroom, and do not live in rooms equipped with gas facilities such as the kitchen.
Please do not place or bind anything on the gas pipeline to avoid loosening and corrosion of the gas pipeline interface, which may cause accidents. Do not use the gas pipeline as a grounding lead to prevent electric sparks, fires and other accidents.
Please do not place the liquefied gas tank in a room with natural gas pipelines, and do not use dual gas sources of natural gas and liquefied gas in the same room, so that misoperation may bring risks
Please keep the kitchen ventilated during the use of natural gas, confirm that there is no gas leakage in the room before starting a fire, and then turn on the gas pipeline valve and the gas stove switch. Observe whether the flame is stable. If the flame is found to be abnormal, stop using it immediately and inform the gas company immediately
After use, you should close the natural gas pipeline valve first, and then turn off the natural gas stove switch. It is very important to develop the habit of closing the valve
When using natural gas in the kitchen, someone should be supervised to avoid extinguishing the fire caused by overflowing soup when cooking porridge, stew, and soup, causing gas leakage and causing danger.
Please inform the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled at home about the precautions for using natural gas, and educate children not to fiddle with the switch of the stove to prevent accidental opening and danger.
2. Regularly check gas facilities
Regularly check whether the gas pipeline is rusty near the stove, pool, etc., whether the gas hose is cracked, corroded, aging and hardened, whether the hose clamp is loose, and regularly use detergent. Check for leaks at all connections of the gas pipeline. If bubbles are found, it is a leak.
Three, gas leakage treatment method
After discovering a natural gas leak, do not call your cell phone, do not touch any electrical switches, quickly turn off gas pipeline valves, open doors and windows for ventilation, quickly evacuate family members and neighbors, prevent unrelated persons from approaching, and go to places where you can’t smell gas outdoors. Call the gas company for emergency repairs and notify the gas company to send someone to deal with it.
If you find a gas leak in your neighbor’s house, please knock on the door to notify, and do not use the doorbell. If the neighbor is no one is at home, please close the main valve of the riser immediately, call the gas company and inform the property management department.
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