One-piece crimping joint service introduction Liyuan Tianjin fluid equipment

by:Haikuo     2021-06-20

Flexible rubber soft joint installation anti-dropping limit device


Flexible rubber joints are usually made of imported rubber, which can withstand greater pressure. Flexible rubber joints can usually withstand greater displacement and deformation during use. However, for the deformation beyond the design range of the rubber joint, the two ends of the flange are connected with an anti-pull-off method to prevent the rubber joint ball from falling off the flange and affecting the effective operation of vibration reduction. Accessories. The anti-dropping limit device of the flexible rubber soft joint installation adopts a limit bolt and baffle structure. During use, the displacement of the limit bolt is used to control the rubber compensation amount of the rubber joint. Then our equipment started to operate.

Working pressure of F-type quick coupling

F-type quick coupling is a male head, it has no pull ears on both sides, so it is generally The female head of the ear is used together to achieve the effect of quick disassembly and installation, so one end of it is directly connected to the female head with the pull ear, and the other end is connected with an external thread. Quick joint is a pipe joint that can be quickly disassembled and assembled without the use of tools. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure resistance, and interchangeability. The working pressure of the quick connector: 1.65Mpa. Temperature: -54~+180℃. Working medium: heavy oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, refrigerating machine oil, water, salt water, acidic and alkaline liquids, gases, etc.

The leakage of the liquefied gas quick connector will cause poor equipment and affect the quality

The leak of the liquefied gas quick connector will cause the equipment to deteriorate and affect the quality. Production, high quality and low cost are requirements for continuous production. At present, many liquefied gas quick coupling products are unreliable and have a short service life. Some leaks will soon be used. Therefore, the maintenance personnel of liquefied gas quick couplings must control the quality during production. In addition, due to the liquefied gas quick connector, a large number of leaks in the system led to poor equipment, which brought great difficulties to on-site operations and seriously affected the normal operation of production. From the field point of view, most of the leaked liquefied gas quick connectors leaked through the inside of the guide roller bearing housing, and a small amount of leakage leaked from the rear opening of the bearing housing.

The choice of liquefied gas quick couplings depends on your scope of application.

1. Fluid type and temperature (please select a quick coupling suitable for the fluid type, temperature, and sealing material) according to the fluid , The specifications of the suitable body are also different. For example, the LPG quick connector of the tank truck will use KJA, which belongs to the male cap type.

2. The pressure of the liquid (please select a quick coupling suitable for the pressure resistance of the fluid) The pressure of the fluid is also selected by the quick coupling The essential. The gas-liquid phase of the LPG joints corresponds to the pressure resistance characteristics, and the structure of the quick joints is also different.

3. The use environment of the quick connector (please select the structure and material of the quick connector suitable for the use environment) combined with the humidity conditions of the use environment, The conditions of dust, and the use environment such as easy to corrode, consider the type of quick coupling, body material, and sealing material.

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