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by:Haikuo     2021-06-17

The card sleeve type pipe joint needs to be installed together with the hose to form The hose assembly can only play a role. I will introduce the installation steps for you below. I hope it can be helpful to you.

(1) As required, the pipes that need to be pickled should be pickled first;

(2) As needed Use sawing machine or pipe cutting machine to cut the pipe to length. It is not allowed to use melting (such as flame cutting) or grinding wheel to cut; remove the internal and external round burrs, metal chips and dirt of the pipe end; remove the anti-rust agent and dirt of the pipe joint; Ensure the roundness of the pipe;

(3) Put the nut and the ferrule into the pipe one after the other, the front edge of the ferrule (small diameter end) is at least 3mm away from the pipe mouth, and then the pipe Insert the taper hole in the connector body until the top end;

(4) Slowly tighten the nut, while turning the pipe until it stops, then tighten the nut 2/3~4/3 Circle;

(5) Disassemble and check whether the ferrule has been cut into the tube and whether the position is correct. The ferrule is not allowed to move axially and can rotate slightly;

(6) Retighten the nut after passing the inspection.

Because The bite-type joint three-way joint cannot be welded by electric welding, which reduces the damage to the characteristics of the pipeline residue system. Therefore, bite-type three-way joints are becoming more and more commonly used in hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and equipment pipelines that use oil, gas, and substances. They are very suitable for places where there is a risk of ignition, climbing operations, and frequent assembly and disassembly. It is already in use at this stage. China is vigorously developing and applying. The card sleeve joint is composed of three parts: the connector body, the card sleeve joint, and the nut. When the ferrule type joint and the nut sleeve are inserted into the connector body on the seamless steel pipe, and the nut is tightened, the two sides of the front end of the ferrule type connector are developed to cater to the spherical surface of the connector body, and the inner blade bites into seamless The tube produces effective sealing.

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