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by:Haikuo     2021-06-20

KZF quick couplings can be divided into: quick couplings for air, Quick couplings for oxygen fuel gas, common quick couplings for gas and liquid, quick couplings for oil pressure, quick couplings for inert gas, quick couplings for cooling water and temperature oil, and semiconductor quick couplings.

Quick joints are more convenient and quicker than traditional ordinary joints in the use process, which improves the flexibility, practicability, safety, and easy maintenance and use of the joints to a certain extent. Ordinary joints are difficult to disassemble with one hand, and even some joints require tools. Quick connectors are divided into male and female connectors.

Features of KZF quick connectors:

1. Time-saving and labor-saving: When the oil circuit is disconnected and connected through the quick connector, the action is simple, saving time and manpower.

2. Fuel saving: When the oil circuit is broken, the one-way valve on the quick connector can close the oil circuit so that the oil will not flow out and avoid the oil Oil pressure loss.

3. Environmental protection: When the quick connector is broken and connected, the oil will not spill and protect the environment.

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The two-end open-close KZF quick joint is composed of a joint body, a check valve core, a jacket, a steel ball, a spring, and a seal. The inner cavity of the joint body has a one-way valve. When the two joint bodies are separated, the check valve core extends under the action of their respective springs and presses against the tapered hole of the joint body to close the passage. , The oil in the pipes on both sides is enclosed in the pipe and cannot flow out.

This kind of joint is easy to disassemble, but the structure is more complicated, and the local resistance loss is large. It is suitable for the pipeline system with oil and gas as the medium. The difference between the open-ended quick connector at both ends and the open-closed at both ends is that there is no one-way valve in the internal cavity, and the passage cannot be closed when the two connector bodies are separated. One end of the joint is connected to the hose by a three-part hose joint, and the joint core of the hose joint is directly inserted into the quick joint.

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KZF stainless steel quick connector

Do not use temperature Use outside the range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material.

Do not hit, bend, stretch, or damage it.

Do not use it in places mixed with metal powder or sand to prevent poor work or leakage.

If there is debris attached, it will cause poor work or leakage.

Please do not use it in a place where gas remains.

When there is an open flame nearby, please do not carry out loading and unloading operations.

When tempering occurs, please replace it with a new one.

When installing the hose, do not get oily, to prevent natural fire.

When installing the hose again, cut off the end of the hose from a distance greater than 3 cm.

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Do not exceed the use pressure limit when using KZF stainless steel quick couplings.

Please do not disconnect the connection under pressure or residual pressure.

Please do not disassemble.

The brake valve must be set before the quick connector.

Please do not use it as a hinge joint.

If it is used in a machine subject to vibration or impact, the durability will be reduced.

6. Quick couplings for cooling water and warm oil:

Mainly used for general-purpose mold interfaces. Realize the simplification of mold exchange operation, strengthen the anti-rust function, and have a variety of types.

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