PFA sanitary hose inner tube is smooth, non-toxic and tasteless, ideal for pharmaceutical and food industries

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
PFA sanitary hose PTFE smooth inner tube has very good fluidity, has the maximum flow rate, and inhibits particle aggregation; the white PTFE inner tube is made of FDA-certified non-toxic material; the inner tube is chemically inert and will not release odors to pollute fluid. It is non-toxic and odorless, and does not decompose any odor or taste to the solution medium. It is especially suitable for use in clean rooms. The silicone tube has the ability to withstand ozone, radiation and weathering erosion.
   Sanitary hose has a wide operating temperature range: -54°C to 232°C; it has excellent weathering resistance and is not easy to burn; the surface is not sticky, easy to high temperature sterilization, steam or detergent cleaning; 304 stainless steel wire The outer reinforced tube can be used in a higher pressure environment to protect the inner tube. The hose meets or exceeds the size and pressure required by SAE 100R14! PTFE material is chemically inert, can provide long-term elastic life, low air permeability, and is not easy to burn. The material with the lowest coefficient of friction among solid materials. Flush the hose before use to eliminate residues in the production process.
   PFA sanitary hose hose is designed to have the maximum bending degree when it is used in the liquid transmission, filling and the transfer of steam and air in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing process; it is resistant to tearing and does not decompose any smell and taste; no Its viscosity makes it ideal for use in the medical, semiconductor, cosmetic, food and beverage and dairy industries.
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