PU flame-retardant anti-static hose meets both flame-retardant standards and anti-static standards

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
PU flame-retardant anti-static hose meets both flame-retardant standards and anti-static standards
  PU anti-static plastic rib hose. This product is made of TPU and high-strength plastic ribs. It not only conducts static electricity, but can also be customized into a fireproof and flame-retardant static conductive hose. It is suitable for industrial suction and transportation industries where static electricity is generated. , Such as vacuum suction of powder and particles, transportation of water, oil, chemical materials, flammable and explosive dust, food, etc. PU anti-static hose has light weight, softness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic and odorless, small bending radius, good negative pressure resistance, and can maintain its original shape under vacuum . It can also maintain good flexibility at extremely low temperatures. The PU anti-static plastic rib tube is mainly made of anti-static material on the tube wall to eliminate static electricity.
  Hangzhou Haikuo produces flame-retardant and anti-static vacuum hoses that have good mechanical properties and meet UL 94VO fire and flame retardant standards. They have passed the authoritative certification of the Guangdong National Anti-static Technology Testing Center. Areas that may contain bursting mixture (burst protection, anti-explosion due to static electricity accumulation), high flow rate, high abrasive solids such as powder (aluminum powder, zinc powder, copper powder, magnesium powder that are easy to gather due to static electricity ), coal; feed (such as blood meal, fish meal), chips and fine particles, gas and liquid environments, industrial vacuum cleaners, granular transportation systems, as strong protection tubes, anti-wear, conductive grade extraction and transportation The tube is very soft, corrugated or smooth inside, strong and very resistant to abrasion, and can discharge static electricity.

What certifications does the flame-retardant anti-static hose comply with:
  The flame retardant of the flame-retardant anti-static hose complies with German DIN4102-B1, China GB/T2408-2008-V0, American UL94-V0, fog environmental protection certification DIN75201B. The tube wall itself can be conductive, pressurized and vacuum resistant, very Smooth substance, good chemical resistance, very strong, bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter, electrical and surface resistance ≤ 10 to the 8th power, in line with European ATEX regulations, in line with ISO8031 standards, can discharge static electricity (according to BGR-132, firmerly ZH1/200) is very suitable for the production environment that needs permanent static discharge.
   The introduction of the TPU material used in the anti-static vacuum tube:
   TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) is named as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. It is mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type. For example, industrial vacuum hoses are used for industrially vacuuming dry materials, which are mostly polyester polyurethane materials, and food-grade plastic hoses are used for food. Polyether polyurethane materials are generally used for water-based materials. It has a wide range of hardness (60HA-85HD), abrasion resistance, oil resistance, transparency, and good elasticity. The halogen-free flame-retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet environmental protection requirements in more and more fields.
   Anti-static hose can not only produce pipe wall coated steel wire and copper wire grounding to discharge static electricity, but also produce conductive hose with anti-static material itself. The material itself can conduct static electricity, because the material is modified and added with anti-static The electrostatic agent can conduct static electricity on the material itself, and flame retardant can also be added to achieve the flame retardant effect.
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