PU polyurethane static conductive hose an excellent static conductive hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
PU polyurethane static conductive hose an excellent static conductive hose
PU Polyurethane Static Conductive Hose One is the use of static conductive agent mixed with polyurethane raw materials, and the tube wall of the produced hose has the characteristics of conducting static electricity. This kind of static discharge and wear-resistant material conveying hose is similar to stainless steel hose. The pipe wall can conduct static electricity, so as to neutralize the electrostatic ions generated by friction during material transportation in the hose, thereby preventing static electricity. Material clogging and static electricity accidents. PU polyurethane static conductive hose is a conductive hose with conductive wall. This hose is different from ordinary anti-static hoses. It is a surface resistance value ≤10⁴Ω/M, which meets the standard of ISO 8031. The hose is grounded by steel wire or copper wire to discharge static electricity, which is the material of the tube itself.

   Many people see a parameter in the anti-static hose 'Surface resistance value ≤ 10⁴Ω/M' So what does this mean? Surface resistance value is abbreviated as surface resistance, which refers to the DC voltage between two points on the surface of the material and The ratio of the current passed, unit: Ω (ohm). Products with a resistance value of less than 10E11Ω are anti-static products, and better anti-static products have resistance values u200bu200bfrom 10E6Ω to 10E9Ω. Because of the low resistance value, anti-static products have a conductive function and can discharge static electricity. Products with a resistance value greater than 1OE12Ω are insulating products, which are prone to static electricity and cannot be discharged by themselves.

   Anti-static hose is also called polyester polyurethane hose, with plastic-coated spiral reinforcement. The wall of the tube is conductive, and the surface resistance value is less than or equal to 10⁴Ω/M, in line with ISO 8031 u200bu200bstandards. The inner wall is smooth, which makes the material transfer smoothly in the pipe. The spiral wall thickness of hoses of different sizes is 1.5mm. The hose is durable and very soft, and it can still maintain good flexibility even in low temperature environments. It is suitable for the transportation of heavy and abrasive materials. Resistant to chemicals. It is resistant to ozone, weathering, halogen-free and meets the requirements of the RoHS environmental protection directive.

   The anti-static hose can dissipate the electrostatic charge through the grounding of the steel wire, and its surface resistance is less than 10⁴Ω/M. It is suitable for the production environment that needs to discharge static electricity (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical equipment may cause explosion due to static electricity during use. The production environment where it occurs). Suction, discharge and transmission of gas, smoke and abrasive materials. For example: abrasive powder, soot, wood shavings and sawdust, etc. Comply with the regulations and requirements of ATEX, ISO 8031 u200bu200band TRBS 2153.

   What is the effect of the anti-static hose? Because this kind of static conductive hose is made of polyurethane, it has a very good effect when used. It can effectively absorb static electricity caused by friction and prevent static electricity from the source. Generation, which is also a better way to conduct static electricity at present. In many industrial fields that require suction, it is necessary to equip such anti-static hoses, which can effectively improve work efficiency.

  Polyurethane anti-static hose is also a great advantage in temperature, it can withstand minus 40 degrees to positive 90 degrees, and 125 degrees for a short time is also possible, and there will be no freezing in winter. This effect is the guarantee for the prevention of static electricity accidents in the industrial field. This anti-static hose has good chemical resistance, UV resistance and ozone resistance. Because it is easy to bend, it is also resistant to gas and liquid when used. It is not easy to leak, which also brings more selectivity to the enterprise's use, whether it is applied to gas or liquid, and it involves a wider range of fields.
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