PU steel wire hose can be used for wear-resistant material transportation, industrial dust collection supporting applications

by:Haikuo     2021-06-22
PU steel wire hose is made of polyester polyurethane (ESTER PU) with spiral copper-plated steel wire. There is an excellent price-performance ratio (patented method, compression layering, low transportation cost and risk, minimum storage space). The inner wall is smooth, which makes the material flow more smoothly. The wall thickness is from 0.35 to 2.5 mm. Compressible (stretch ratio is 1:4), light and soft. It is resistant to abrasion, mineral oil and has good weather resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance. Especially suitable for dynamic working environment. Compared with the steel hose without a PU outer layer, this manufacturing process makes the PU steel hose with stronger bending tension. It is halogen-free, and the raw materials are in compliance with EU REACH regulations and RoHS environmental protection directives. Wire grounding can discharge static electricity, in line with TRB S 2153 standard for discharge static electricity.
  PU steel wire hose has excellent appearance and texture, soft touch, mild texture, adjustable surface gloss; non-slip, shock resistance, impact resistance, excellent elasticity; excellent tensile resistance, good tensile strength, and good elongation at break Up to 10 times or more; It has excellent low thermal aging properties, and can maintain uniform properties under long-term high temperature (over 125°C) environment, without cracking or stickiness; Good performance in low temperature environment, and can still be maintained at -40°C Good flexing properties; good low fatigue properties, excellent durability, good wear resistance; resistance to general chemicals, non-toxic, good UV and oxidation resistance.

  PU steel wire hose excellent performance:
  (1) The expansion hose can be compressed arbitrarily, among which the compression ratio of the high expansion hose is 1/4, which is flexible and durable.
  (2) Any bending, you can bend at any corner. Compression resistance; can be bent arbitrarily, there is no rigid elbow, which can reduce wind resistance; integrated molding, small air leakage, not easy to aging, cold and aging resistance, arbitrarily selected curvature, no deformation, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  (三) The pipe wall is wear-resistant, flexible, and has good resistance to positive and negative pressure.
  (4) The grounding of the wire can discharge static electricity, and the grounding of the steel wire can discharge static electricity, which conforms to the standard of TRB S 2153.
  PU hose, PU steel wire hose typical application:
  Industrial ventilation, dust removal, small particles, scraps, abrasive powders and chemical powders, etc. suction or feeding. It is mainly used for ventilation and dust collection in the production environment with large dust such as woodworking workshop, ceramic workshop and cement workshop. Machinery manufacturing such as woodworking edge banding machine, edge planing machine, engraving machine ventilation hose and so on. Special environmentally friendly vehicles such as sweepers, road sweepers, garbage trucks and sewage pipes.
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