PU steel wire hose has excellent appearance and performance

by:Haikuo     2021-06-22
PU steel wire hose is a very common type of industrial vacuum hose. Now it plays an important role in wear-resistant transportation. It has a very wide range of use and abrasive solids, such as dust powder, fibers, woodworking sawdust, and dust. , EMU suction hose, anti-aging fecal suction hose, woodworking machinery hose, engraving machine vacuum, ceramic machinery hose, ceramic factory vacuum hose, blanking hose, debris and granular materials. Gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or accumulated fiber suction.
  PU steel wire hose, dust collection hose, dust collection hose product structure
  ●Material: polyester polyurethane [thermoplastic elastomer] (in accordance with DIN ISO 4649 standard, more wear-resistant than polyether polyurethane);
  ●Structure: Spiral copper-plated steel wire is shaped to meet hose expansion and firmness requirements;
  ●Reinforcement: High-strength synthetic cord and spiral steel wire skeleton.
  ●Color: Anti-aging translucent low-friction thermoplastic material.

  PU steel wire hose excellent properties
  ● Halogen-free and plasticizer-free
  ● Good bending performance and strong flexibility
  ● Lightweight and durable
  ● Environmental protection and wear resistance
  ● Very small bending radius
  ● Good chemical resistance
  ● Good UV resistance and ozone resistance
  ● Oil resistance chemical
  ● Good air tightness
  ● High tensile strength, high tear strength
  ● Smooth inner wall
  ● Excellent liquidity
  ● According to TRBS 2153 requirements, used for non-combustible dust/discrete particles and low conductivity. The wire should be grounded at both ends to ensure that static electricity is eliminated
  ● Anti-microbial
  ● Anti-static, surface resistance <109 ohm
  PU steel wire hose application industry
  ● Suction hose for high-velocity particulate matter (dust, dust, wood chips, scrap, spinning fiber, exhaust gas)
  ● Solid, gas and liquid for wear resistance
  ● Standard industrial dust collection system hose
  ● Unloading and conveying hose, used for conveying particles and production materials
  ● Conveying hose for centralized treatment of debris and waste
  ● Suction/transport hose for paper scraps and fibers
  ● Suction hose for suction equipment
  PU steel wire hose is undoubtedly a very good industrial vacuum hose in terms of appearance and performance. Nowadays, the development of the industry needs this kind of high-quality material as an aid, and its appearance has really helped the industry to have a good development. It is believed that in the future, the use of PU steel wire suction pipes will be more extensive.
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