PU steel wire hose, TPU steel wire hose, PUR steel wire hose performance difference

by:Haikuo     2021-06-22
PU steel wire hose, also called polyurethane steel wire hose, has high wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and excellent flexibility. PU steel wire hose is divided into polyester type PU steel wire hose and polyether type PU steel wire hose according to the material. Among them, the polyether PU steel wire hose has hydrolysis resistance and anti-microbial properties.

   In terms of characteristics: PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, and the Chinese name is polyurethane for short. As only a simple modification of the formula is required, different physical properties such as density, elasticity and rigidity can be obtained. At present, it has largely replaced glass fiber insulation materials, wood, and traditional rubber products. Among them, the most widely used is PU wear-resistant steel wire hose. PU is used as the wall of the pipe, and the liner is lined with copper or galvanized steel wire. The wall thickness of the PU layer ranges from 0.35 to 2.5mm. The thicker the more wear-resistant, of course Also under pressure. It is widely used in woodworking, textiles, plastics, gravel, gravel, fine particles, useless glass, dust and chips, and chemical industries as equipment piping. Hangzhou Haikuo PU hose is the leader among domestic industrial hose counterparts.
   TPU steel wire hose, namely Thermoplastic polyurethane (Thermoplastic polyurethane), polyurethane elastomer is a relatively special category of elastomers, polyurethane elastomer has a wide range of hardness and a wide range of performance, so polyurethane elastomer It is a kind of polymer material between rubber and plastic. Compared with PU hoses, TPU has wider hardness, high mechanical strength, outstanding cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, and mildew resistance. At the same time, environmental protection is better. Widely used in industries such as sweepers and environmental protection.
   PUR steel wire hose. Polyurethane (PUR) is a polymer with repeating structural units of urethane segments made by the reaction of isocyanate and polyol. It is also a kind of PU hose. Among them, the outstanding performance is lower abrasion and better hydrolysis resistance.
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